February 20, 2023

6 concrete ideas to improve your employees' digital experience



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The digital employee experience is an essential ingredient of a good employee experience.

The Digital Transformation and therise of telecommuting are driving working people to make extensive use of digital tools.

According to an OpinionWay survey for Slack in 2021, 88% of French employees say they can no longer do without software in their daily work life.

In this context, thedigital employee experience appears to be an essential ingredient of a good overall employee experience and impacts employee engagement and employer brand .

So, are you ready to seize this HR lever? In this article, Mozzaik365 gives you 6 concrete ideas to improve your employees' digital experience. Let yourself be inspired!

#1 Personalize the digital experience for each employee

An optimal digital experience is a personalized experience. Indeed, depending on their position, work style, constraints and preferences, each employee has specific needs regarding the digital tools and resources at their disposal.

To improve the digital experience of your employees, therefore, make sure to adapt thedigital environment offered to each one.

In this perspective, you can in particular:

  • Offer apersonalDashboard to your talents in order to allow each of them to easily access their business applications, their personalized news feed, their work groups or their to-do list;
  • Let each user personalize their digital experience, for example by selecting the information channels they want to follow or by determining themselves the frequency with which they will receive notifications.

#2 Create enthusiasm around your digital tools

At first glance, digital tools can seem intimidating, even impersonal, to some users. This degrades their digital experience.

To improve the digital experience of your employees and get them interested in the tools provided by your IT department, create enthusiasm around these technologies.

For this purpose, you can, for example:

  • Use GIFs (animated images) or the "Praise" application in Teams to entertain or compliment your colleagues;
  • Make your meetings more participatory and engaging with the collaborative virtual  Microsoft Whiteboard;
  • Create Teams channels or Yammer communities dedicated to conviviality and bringing together employees around unifying themes (birthdays, sports, environment, etc.).
Improve employee digital experience
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#3 Encourage mutual support among employees

The key to a good digital experience? Learn to use IT solutions at your own pace, without feeling rushed, infantilized or left by the wayside.

To help your employees adopt the tools that make up their digital work environment, it is therefore necessary to train them via workshops and educational material, and also to set up a context conducive to learning.

In short, the objective is to encourage mutual aid between employees so that they can seek solutions together, explain important issues in non-technical terms, help each other in a friendly manner if they get stuck and share their experiences.

For this, several initiatives can be rolled out:

  • The creation of a "Software Help" team divided into several channels, each dedicated to one of your tools, including educational materials (tutorial videos, instructions, etc.) and a discussion space allowing employees to ask each other questions;
  • The designation of a "go-to guy", for each team and each software, to whom other employees can turn when they encounter a problem or have questions about this tool;
  • The assignment of a mentor or Buddyto each newcomer so that they can be accompanied in their discovery of the technology and know who to contact if they need help.
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#4 Organize tests before rolling out a new tool

Are you planning to introduce a new tool into your Digital Workplace? To ensure that it meets your employees' needs and offers them a good user experience, consider conducting a pilot project before you roll it out.

To do this, simply form a team of testers representative of future users, have them try the solution and then collect their Feedback. On this basis, you can decide to scale up, make adjustments or abandon the software.

These employees, who are very enthusiastic about your new system, can then act as ambassadors as the tool is being rolled out. Well-trained and informed, they can relay information and best practices to their colleagues, while displaying a reassuring enthusiasm for those who fear software changes.

# 5 Listen to your employees and make your platforms evolve

Of course, your employees are in the best position to talk about how they understand and experience their professional digital tools .

So, to optimize the digital experience of your employees, don't hesitate to ask them about what they like, what they don't like, what they are considering for improvement or what is missing from their digital workspace .

There are several ways to collect opinions, testimonials, comments and suggestions from your employees, for example

  • A survey conducted in Teams or directly on your Mozzaik365Digital Workplace;
  • An idea box, a feature that can be implemented on Mozzaik365's Digital Workplace. The ideas are then submitted to a vote to highlight the most relevant;
  • A group dedicated to IT tools on your corporate social network or on Teams.
Employee Ecperience : 6 digitals idea to improve it

#6 Encourage disconnection

Digital work tools are permanently accessible and offer the advantage of flexibility. However, they can also be intrusive, hindering employees' work-life balance and reducing their concentration at work.

According to an OpinionWay survey for Eléas, 47% of employees say they use their professional digital tools in the evening, 45% at the weekend and 35% during their vacations.

Furthermore, according to the same source, 32% of respondents say that the use of digital tools and the resulting flow of information  enhance their ability to concentrate . This figure rises to 41% among professionals working more than 6 hours a day with these software.

To preserve the mental health and productivity of your employees, it is therefore important to encourage disconnection outside of office hours and during times dedicated to the execution of complex tasks that do not require interaction.

With this in mind, set up disconnect rules and repeat them regularly through your internal communications . This could include guidelines such as:

  • "Use deferred email and Teams messages, so you don't send any business messages from Friday 6pm to Monday 8am;

You can also suggest to your employees not to install their work email application on their personal smartphone, or even ask your IT department to turn off Teams notifications for all users at the weekend.

In addition, train your employees to manage their notifications, mutetheir Teams conversations, or use Teams' "do not disturb" mode .

Finally, make sure your managers are aware of good practices in terms of disconnectionand information flow management. They can be a role model within their team and set the pace.

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6 concrete ideas to improve your employees' digital experience: conclusion

In a context of digitalization, improving the digital experience of employees is a major challenge for companies that want to attract, motivate and retain talent .

The secret to optimizing your employees' digital experience is to combine the right IT tools and best practices, while being part of a continuous improvement process.

Want to move from theory to practice? Don't hesitate to implement the 6 concrete ideas presented above and to consult our articles dedicated to the different levers for improving the employee experience .

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