Improve the digital collaboration
of your teams

Set up a collaborative platform to boost the efficiency and commitment of your employees.

The benefits for your internal collaboration

Find your experts easily

The Company Directory is an essential tool for your company to find the expert you need.

🔍 Find in-house expertise with the search by name, department, function or skill
🔍 Contact the right people in 1 click from your Teams and Outlook shortcuts
🔍 Allow each employee to update their profile

Integrate Teams and SharePoint functionality

Combine the functionality of Teams and SharePoint to run your projects via our Teams component

🔗 Integrate Teams and SharePoint with your intranet
🔗 Find your conversations in all your workspaces

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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Centralize your activity in a Personal Dashboard

Give your employees the best possible digital working environment. Our Personal Dashboard allows you to centralize all their work tools and applications to give them the best possible digital experience.

📍 Make resources easily accessible from a single work environment
📍 Allow your employees to customize their space according to their applications, content and communities

Involve your employees

Enable bottom-up communication to involve and engage your employees

🎖️ Help your employees share their ideas with the Idea Box
🎖️ Collect feedback with the Survey feature to enhance engagement and build a sense of ownership
🎖️ Create cohesion between teams even at a distance

Use Cases

Features for internal collaboration

Allow everyone to subscribe to the themes they like and have this content bookmarked.

View upcoming events for one or more SharePoint sites.

Insert a custom Yammer comment stream in the footer and in place of the native comments.

Make templates available to allow contributors to create a document in a few clicks.

Formalize the company's structure into a clear, practical and easy to maintain directory.

Integrate Teams and SharePoint with your intranet, find your conversations in all your workspaces

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