more easily
with your employees

Boost your internal communication with Mozzaik365 components integrated directly into your SharePoint Online sites.

The benefits for your internal communication

News feed

Target your internal communication and strengthen your corporate culture. Allow your employees to interact and share content quickly with our My Feeds and News features

💡 Allow everyone to subscribe to themes to have their content bookmarked
💡 Customize information spaces and feeds according to audience or themes
💡 Choose from modern and sleek design display themes
💡 Share, comment, like news in one click and promote engagement on your publications

Social Networks

Implement an Employee Advocacy strategy by facilitating engagement on your social networks. With the Social Networking Wall integrate all your publications and engage your employees

💬 Centralize your social media posts (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) on your intranet
💬 Turn your employees into ambassadors for your organization. Like, share, retweet and comment on your posts in 1 click directly from SharePoint

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

Download your white paper

Create content easily

Take your content to the next level with structured and engaging SharePoint pages.

✍️ Create pages from a predefined template with our Contribution Tool
✍️ Create bounce zones around the same theme or topic with the On the Same Topic feature
✍️ Easily view and edit your news metadata with our Metadata Editor

Design tools

Unleash the graphical limitations of SharePoint and communicate your messages with an ergonomic design

🎨 Customize your pages with your company colors and image using the Designer feature
🎨 Define the layout of your titles and subtitles with the Title Separator
🎨 Take advantage of the design power of each of our features to create beautiful SharePoint pages. Easily manage shading, rounding, alignments among others.

Use Cases

Mozzaik365 features designed for internal communication

Announce the arrival of new employees.

Insert a custom Yammer comment stream in the footer and in place of the native comments.

Save, replicate and manage your templates to roll out your sites from a catalog

Provide access to all your resources related to business teams activities

Drive your channels with multi-source feeds and audience.

Integrate Teams and SharePoint with your intranet, find your conversations in all your workspaces

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