We create a single, connected workspace that simplifies your employees' daily lives. We do this with our products, which doubles the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

Our values


Listening and responding to the needs of our clients and our teams


Giving our best to ensure an exceptional service to our customers


Ensure clear and honest communication and management with all our counterparts.

Our approach

Mozzaik365's mission is to offer a Digital Workplace solution for easy collaboration, sharing and communication within the enterprise. We rely on three pillars to rethink work:

  • Connecting talents
  • Facilitating the digital life of employees
  • Sharing information and knowledge

We are deeply committed to making your employees happier in their work. The result? More committed employees, the first ambassadors of your company.

Why Mozzaik365?

The pandemic has profoundly reshaped working environments. 73% of employees believe that the best model is to combine on-site and teleworking. The hybrid mode of telecommuting and face-to-face working has become the norm, bringing with it a new challenge: maintaining interactions between employees.

This change has given rise to new needs in terms of collaborative tools, communication, rationalization of IT infrastructures and support for digitalization. In fact, only 17% of employees say they are satisfied with their digital experience in their work environment. Mozzaik365 provides an answer by creating simple, fluid digital spaces integrated into the Microsoft 365 environment.

The Mozzaik365 team

Behind Mozzaik365 is a team of 30 motivated people committed to the same goal: improving the digital experience of employees.

A group of people sitting around a table working on laptops.

Our certifications

ISO 27001

Microsoft Partner

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