Find your
internal knowledge

Turn your SharePoint into a true knowledge management centre. Facilitate the search experience and contribution to the knowledge base.

The benefits for your knowledge management

Make the search experience easier

Give your employees an optimized search experience with Custom Search

🔍 Set up custom filters and search verticals
🔍 Find your information quickly with suggestions
🔍 Streamline your searches with live results display

Find your information in your Microsoft 365 environment

With the Search component, easily find your documents and pages throughout your Microsoft 365 environment.

🖱️ Give yourself the ability to search for documents, email, OneNote, or anyone directly from SharePoint
🖱️ Create a custom advanced search page with custom filters and verticals
🖱️ Find your documents from your personalized result page with the advanced search

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

Download your white paper

Manage the classification of your documents

Create a powerful EDM in SharePoint and easily organize your document management

🗂️ Index your documents with Metadata management
🗂️ View and edit your page metadata
🗂️ Integrate validation workflows to manage the document life cycle with PowerAutomate
🗂️ Easily manage rights and governance

Create content easily

Simplify contribution and engage your employees by easily creating content

✍️ Create pages from a predefined template using the Help with Contribution feature
✍️ Add new resources in a few clicks with the Document Templates
✍️ Involve your employees by allowing them to easily contribute and enrich the company's knowledge base

Use Cases

Mozzaik365 features designed for knowledge management

Allow everyone to subscribe to the themes they like and have this content bookmarked.

Simplify the life of your contributors with extraordinary simplicity and speed of publication

Insert a custom Yammer comment stream in the footer and in place of the native comments.

Announce the arrival of new employees.

View upcoming events for one or more SharePoint sites.

Help your employees share their ideas and vote on the most popular ones.

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