October 10, 2018

Facilitating access to information with Mozzaik365



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We have developed various knowledge management components, find out more here.

Facilitating access to information within a company requires a certain mastery of data organisation, especially if you administer several document databases and diversified content.
How can you guarantee your users smooth and efficient access when searching for content? How can you facilitate collaboration within the company to promote knowledge sharing?

In the Mozzaik365 offer, we have developed various Wiki components including the Knowledge Management Web Part, which is based on SharePoint data and allows you to organise your information search by theme through tags.
These visual tags are based on the metadata managed during the creation of content pages on your SharePoint spaces.

This component allows you to explore the pages and documents of a particular site or of several sites thanks to the metadata. It is necessary beforehand to name and structure the tags you will use which can be selected in the search filters. It is possible to select several filters during a search in order to arrive quickly at a relevant result.

What benefits?

- A single point of entry for keyword searches for specific information for the entire department, team or company
- The certainty of being able to access information quickly and centrally
- A learning and training dynamic for all your users, who will gradually take on the keywords specific to your company

-An alternative to browsing when the volume of pages is too large

In order to optimise the experience of your users, you can integrate this component on the homepage of your communication portal, for example. The navigation experience will be optimised! Alternatively, you can dedicate a separate page that you can share as a shortcut from your site navigation. To be studied and especially tested!

To learn more about knowledge management, read the use case on the subject.

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