February 11, 2022

Top 9 intranet content to engage employees



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How to engage your employees on your intranet? Here are the best contents to create interaction

Employee engagement is a crucial issue for organisations. Indeed, only 13% of employees consider themselves engaged according to Bleexo. According to the same source, replacing an employee costs between 35% and 250% of their salary. A cost that could be avoided in some cases. Engaging employees is therefore very beneficial: companies that manage to do so are 22% more profitable. As you can see, all the figures bear witness to this: having committed employees is a guarantee of success! An internal communication tool is your ally in this quest for commitment: the Digital Workplace. So, in concrete terms, how can you engage your employees on your intranet? Here are the best content ideas to stimulate employee engagement.

1. Newcomer announcements

The arrival of a new employee in the company is an important event. Announcing it is a good way to facilitate integration and encourage cohesion. Indeed, knowing about this change, employees will be better able to welcome their new colleague when they arrive. Thus, the first moments in the company will be positive.  

To ensure that the information is seen by everyone, it is ideal to publish it on the intranet. Here are some examples of how to communicate the arrival of a new recruit on your intranet:  

Using the newcomers' booklet

In some intranets like these designed with Mozzaik365, there is a "Newcomers" feature ready to use. It allows you to display a list of people who have recently joined the company. As well as being a great way to give insight into new arrivals, it also gives you access to their profile in the trombinoscope. With one click, you can contact them and welcome them.  

Top 9 intranet content to engage people

Sending a memo

A more traditional approach is to publish a memo announcing the arrival of the new recruit to all employees. This practice is often used in companies to announce the arrival or departure of key profiles. However, it has its drawbacks. Not least because corporate communications are not always read and many staff may miss the news.  

On the other hand, an announcement on the intranet posted on a dedicated Widget has the advantage of lasting over time and being less formal and therefore more accessible. You can use the Mozzaik365 contribution help to publish an article in 2 clicks on your SharePoint intranet in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Here is an example of a memo:  

"Dear collaborators,

We are pleased to announce the arrival of [Name of employee] in our [Name of department] department. He/she will join us from [Date of arrival] and will occupy the position of [Name of position]. His/her mission will consist in [Mission].

We are counting on all our employees to give him/her a warm welcome.

💡 Tip: Remember to include a photo of the person with this note so that they are recognised

Organising an event

If the size of your organisation or team allows it, you can organise a friendly event after the offer of employment has been accepted. Bring together future colleagues in a physical location or by video conference. Don't hesitate to be original and creative to mark the occasion! Mozzaik365 offers an event manager within your Microsoft 365 Digital Workplace.

2. The onboarding pathway

Your Digital Workplace can be very useful for onboarding. Before an employee arrives, prepare all the necessary documentation and make it available on the employee's personaldashboard. In this way, the employee will have a clear sense of direction from the moment they arrive. For example, you can make available the HR documentation for newcomers, the organisation chart, the list of training courses to follow, useful applications, stakeholders to meet, etc.

By involving your employees from the moment they arrive in your organisation's Digital Workplace, you will anchor habits and therefore increase the use of the platform. Ultimately, your employees will be more engaged.

3. Targeted news

What would internal communication be without sharing company news? Depending on the topic, not all news has the same importance for each employee. Thanks to the Digital Workplace, you can target your communication according to geographical area, department, position, etc. Moreover, it allows you to adapt your way of communicating in terms of tone, time of day and medium.  

Content to engage employee

4. Promoting events

Organising corporate events is one thing, promoting them is another. If you want to ensure the visibility of your internal events, the Digital Workplace will be your best ally. Thanks to Mozzaik365, you can enter future events, manage registrations, and even make them appear in the Outlook calendar of your employees. This way, you can give visibility on upcoming events in one place, to make sure that no highlight goes unnoticed. This event manager is available in SharePoint and Teams through Viva Connection.

Engaging content for an intranet

5. Gathering opinions

Another content idea is to animate the intranet with suggestion boxes and surveys. This is a great way to involve and engage employees. There are several uses for these features:

  • Do you want to rename your meeting rooms and are you looking for a common theme? Let your employees' imagination run wild.
  • Do you want to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of your employees? Ask them questions about the organisation, the working environment and their feelings. Implement actions based on the results, and don't hesitate to call on experts to support you.
  • Do you want to know which courses to offer first? Public speaking? Teams? Managing a team? Just ask them where they want to progress.
  • Do you want to measure satisfaction with internal communication? You might want to know if the newsletter is providing useful information. You can simply ask them, and adjust your aim.  

6. Highlighting employees

In large organisations, not all employees know each other. Nor do they have a clear picture of the work carried out by other departments. Therefore, introducing employees and their role in the company can be an excellent way to give employees an overview. The video format is ideal for this if you have the expertise in-house.

💡 Tip: To encourage employees to meet outside of their teams, you can introduce  Random Lunches. This involves randomly selecting a group of employees of your choosing to have lunch together. The advantage? Avoiding silos and promoting synergies. Ready-to-use solutions exist, such as Tribalee.  

7. Communicating the results

One thing employees want to know is the company's results. This information not only tells them about the health of the organisation, but also whether their work has been successful. This can be a source of motivation, or of questioning. It is up to you to make sense of the results you communicate and to remain positive in your communication.  

This exercise does not necessarily have to be done in a strict manner. You can communicate the results in an original way: with infographics, videos, let your imagination run wild! You can also integrate PowerBI into your Teams or SharePoint to present your reports.

8. Valuing individual successes

Employees are always motivated by the company's success. And while the outcome of the financial year depends on the path taken as a group, it is also linked to the successes of each individual. Highlighting projects, success stories, and teams that have gone above and beyond and made a difference is very rewarding. Here are some examples of situations you could highlight:  

  • Receiving an award ;
  • The end of a development project ;
  • Marketing a product ;
  • The signing of new contracts.

But don't leave out the small successes of the teams either! Communicating this will give employees a boost. For example:

  • The end of a sprint ;
  • The deployment of a site;
  • The implementation of methodologies or processes;
  • And many other small everyday successes.

9. Using Gamification

The Holy Grail of internal communication is to successfully engage employees. However, it is sometimes difficult to get feedback on communications or even contributions to the creation of content, especially on corporate social networks.  

You can therefore use gamification on your intranet by offering competitions. For example, you can introduce a prize for the best contributors. Choose the attitudes you want to encourage: the serial Liker (the one with the most "likes"), the most talkative (the one with the most comments), etc. Then decide what rewards will be offered to employees who receive these awards. These prizes can refer to a monetary value such as company goodies or a voucher. But they can also be symbolic, such as being featured in the newsletter, a digital badge, etc.

Measuring engagement

Implementing actions is one thing, but how do you measure the success of communication campaigns? You can measure employee engagement through different performance indicators:  

  • Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS): This is a score out of 10, answering the question: How likely are you to recommend this company as a good place to work?
  • Turnover or renewal rate: this is the renewal of the company's workforce over a year.
  • Employee absenteeism rate: this measures the percentage of employees who have been absent over a given period.
  • Employee satisfaction score: in response to a questionnaire designed for this purpose.

Things to remember

📌 Several types of content can boost engagement on your intranet;

📌 You can use gamification to engage employees;

📌 Think about measuring the impact of your actions with well chosen KPI's.

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