May 23, 2023

How to improve internal communication on Teams



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What if Teams was the tool you needed to improve internal communication?

1 in 3 employees do not feel sufficiently informed about company news and are dissatisfied with the method used to communicate internally, according to an Inside - Opnionway Survey in 2022. What's more, 77% of employees even consider it a priority.

The importance of internal communication is no longer in question. Beyond the simple transmission of information to employees, it is a real lever for collaboration and motivation. However, not all companies have the tools to implement effective internal communication, or they do not know what solutions to implement.

What if Teams was the tool you needed? This article explains in detail how to improve your internal communication with Teams, and how to go even further with our new MODA application. Follow the guide!

Why is internal communication an important issue?

Internal communication is more than just passing on information to employees. On the contrary, it is a real virtuous circle that improves employee commitment (known as employee advocacy) and creates real team cohesion. Internal communication acts as the company's megaphone: in this way, it can transmit messages and values, but also contribute to the creation of a collective identity and build a sense of belonging among employees.

One would think that in the digital age, it would be easy to implement an effective internal communication strategy. However, there are many challenges that complicate the task today. First of all, hybrid work (a flexible work mode that combines face-to-face and telework) can create asynchrony between employees who are present on site and those who work remotely. How can we circulate information and deliver important messages in this context? Secondly, for several years now, we have been witnessing a proliferation of digital tools, which, far from making internal communication more fluid, sometimes result in delivering too much information. Internal communication that is too much or not enough, or that contains inconsistencies, can create a risk of

distrust and lack of motivation among employees.

We are increasingly drowning in notifications, whether they come from our cell phone or our mailbox. According to Microsoft, it takes us more than 16 long minutes to concentrate again after processing a single e-mail. In this context, it is essential for a company to use new means of communication to transmit information in the most optimal way possible.

Thus, using a collaborative communication tool like Teams saves a lot of time. But that's not the only advantage.

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Why use Microsoft Teams?

In 2016, Microsoft developed its own collaborative tool - Teams. This tool, which is an integral part of the Office 365 suite, offers the ability to use other Microsoft software to flesh out the tasks at hand.

It allows users to collaborate in real time, communicate via voice and video calls, share files and work on projects remotely as a team. The tool is designed for all types of companies, from small and medium-sized businesses to very large corporations, that want to simplify interactions between members of the same structure and facilitate the flow of information.

The number of Teams users almost doubled between 2021 and 2022, from 145 million to 270 million. It must be said that the Covid-19 crisis has largely democratized the use of remote work and collaborative tools. Today, these tools are very frequently used in companies.

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How to use Teams for internal communication

What are the features of Teams?

Here are some of the features offered by Teams that companies can benefit from in the implementation of their internal communication strategy.

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Private conversations

These are private conversations to communicate with a collaborator or a group, outside of the usual Teams. The messages are visible only to the participants of the conversation, so they can focus on tasks that are specifically dedicated to them and search for information more easily.

The Teams commands

This is the list of the most frequent tasks, accessible directly in the search bar. Just type /files to access recent files, /mentions to see mentions, and /recorded to access saved messages.

The "do not disturb" mode

This mode allows you to deactivate all notifications to move forward on a project in peace and avoid being interrupted. The objective: to increase your concentration and therefore your productivity.

Save your messages

This feature allows you to save important messages so you can find them more easily later. Simply position the cursor in the upper right corner of the message, click on the three small dots and select Save this message. This is particularly useful for team projects.

Format messages and add titles

Here you can add headings to your messages so that they are immediately seen by your colleagues and/or draw their attention to a specific issue. Other formatting options are available: make the text bold, italic, underlined, change the font size, etc.

Send urgent or important messages

This feature allows you to mark messages as important or urgent, and thus facilitate information flow.

Pinning teams and favorite channels

This feature makes it easier to access important information and save valuable time.

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Create dedicated teams for internal news

Here, it's all about grouping all announcements related to your company's information and news in a dedicated teams in the Teams app.  

Implementing successful internal communication on Teams

Here are some ways to set up effective internal communication on Teams, feature by feature.


The Polls feature allows you to get the opinion of all collaborators quickly and easily. It is particularly interesting for team projects.

The set mode

It is a meeting experience in which participants sit virtually in the same room for a more convivial meeting. This way, even employees who work remotely can feel like they are with their colleagues. Ideal for strengthening team cohesion.

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Meeting notes

Meeting notes are used to record the important elements that emerged from a meeting.

The collaborative whiteboard

The collaborative whiteboard allows collaborators to make diagrams, charts, graphs, and annotations, and then present their projects to all participants.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections is an integrated application within Teams that allows each employee to bring together the information, conversations and tools they need on a daily basis.

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Viva Engage

Viva Engage is the latest feature of Teams, which comes in the form of a connection and socialization platform for members of a company. It allows users to post messages and upload photos, videos and multiple content. The goal is to create community and engagement, similar to the social networks we all know.

Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify is an internal communication application that increases the impact of communication within the company by building stronger messages, internal campaigns and clear visual notifications within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Company Communicator

The Company Communicator application allows you to create and send messages to multiple teams or a large number of people via a single conversation. It can be used for welcoming newcomers, announcing important information, or broadcasting messages on a large scale.

Internal Communication : How to use Teams ?

How to go further with MODA in Microsoft Teams?

The new MODA application adds new features to Teams and responds to the new internal communication challenges that companies are facing.

Faced with an overflow of digital tools and the resulting fragmentation of information, MODA allows you to create intuitive and 100% customizable dashboards integrated into Teams. Its added value? Its intuitive character and its high level of customization. The objective is to create a simple work environment entirely adapted to your needs, and thus to improve your daily productivity.

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A personalized dashboard in a few clicks

MODA is a 100% SaaS application, which allows to create fully customized dashboards in 2 clicks. Employees can create their own work environment using several available templates, and focus on the essentials of their tasks, without the risk of being distracted by an influx of information.

The dashboard can be made available to all employees, or only to some of them. It can also be used for the onboarding phase, a delicate and crucial step for companies.

Centralization of essential information

MODA centralizes all the information that employees need in one place.

Many features in Teams can thus be added, such as :

  • My tasks,
  • My next meetings,
  • My emails,
  • Social networking wall,
  • News,
  • My favorite applications.

The result is a customized dashboard where information can be selected, prioritized, and then distributed to all employees or only to certain populations.

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An optimal mobile experience

MODA is available on mobile devices, for a smooth and optimal experience. All employees can benefit, including field teams, telecommuters and workers on the move.

All this to improve and optimize the internal communication of your company.


Internal communication is essential for the smooth running of any company. Yet, with the proliferation of digital tools, it can be difficult to implement a strategy that is both appropriate and effective. By centralizing information and allowing employees to personalize their digital environment, Teams offers an optimal internal communication experience. Why not give it a try?

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