May 4, 2023

MODA available in the Microsoft Teams Store!



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The MODA application is finally available in the Microsoft Teams store!

What is MODA?

As a reminder, MODA allows you to design, create and customize your Dashboards directly in Microsoft Teams.

In 2 clicks, centralize your company's business tools and optimize your employees' mobile experience.

What is it for? Improve the employee experience, especially by synthesizing internal communication and facilitating the onboarding of newcomers.

The principle is simple: MODA is the best way to start your work day. All your essential information is there: your emails, your meetings, your tasks, your favorite applications, and much more! Perfect for organizing your day and increasing your productivity.

How does the MODA application work?

MODA offers features that can be easily added with a simple click and drag of Widgets. It is also possible to customize and resize the finalized dashboard, which can then be made available to all or some employees.  

The application can be easily deployed to defined populations as a Personal App or in team channels. Governance and rights management are made extremely simple for optimized adoption.

This application addresses five issues frequently encountered by companies:  

  • The difficulty of properly onboarding new employees,
  • Poor communication with field teams,  
  • The need to centralize information related to each project,  
  • The need for effective and centralized internal communication,  
  • And the need to improve the digital experience of employees.

Let's take a closer look at these five use cases.

Moda : Teams Dashboard

Improve your internal communication with MODA  

By creating a custom Dashboard in Teams, you can prioritize information, distribute it specifically to a target audience, and notify employees of important publications. MODA helps alleviate internal communication issues by providing the necessary data to employees without overwhelming them with unnecessary data.

Optimize the digital experience of your employees with MODA

Deliver a smoother, more enjoyable experience with Teams. The benefits of an optimal user experience will translate into easier adoption of Teams, especially for new hires.

Succeed in the integration of your new employees with MODA.

The application helps streamline the Onboarding process by creating an ephemeral dashboard dedicated to the newcomer in Teams. The Dashboard allows the new employee to easily obtain administrative information, meet members of the company, contact their manager and colleagues in just a few clicks.

Communicate more easily with field teams thanks to MODA.  

The app creates a simple and comprehensive Dashboard integrated with the Teams mobile app so that employees in the field can keep up with company news, view their to-do list and watch the organization's social media feed right from their smartphone.

Make your projects run smoothly  

With MODA, create customizable dashboards in each of your Teams. Dashboards provide each team with the information and links needed to complete their project, making it easier to collaborate and achieve goals.

MODA: what you should know

To conclude, with MODA, boost the productivity of your teams, facilitate collaboration and communication, and optimize the mobile experience for field teams!

We are convinced that MODA will be a real added value for companies wishing to optimize the employee experience.

So don't hesitate and try MODA right now by downloading the application on the Microsoft Teams Store!

We look forward to hearing your feedback and working together to continue improving our application.

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