December 5, 2022

Mozzaik365 : 1 year of independence !



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It's been 1 year since Mozzaik365 took its independence from its parent company. Let's take a look at its evolution!

A short history of Mozzaik365

Initially created in 2017 as part of Infeeny, Mozzaik365 is a French publisher of SaaS intranet solutions and Digital Workplace.

Mozzaik365 allows users to share, contribute, and learn with a click in their work environment... The solution supports knowledge management, internal communication, and collaboration, making it an indispensable tool for providing access to all necessary information in the workplace.Mozzaik365 is a 100% integrated extension to Microsoft 365, without being an overlay. By developing WebParts that are set up directly in SharePoint (and not in an external configurator), the solution makes it easy to add new features and new designs.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and the generalization of remote work, work and collaboration methods have undergone a profound change. This "forced" evolution has generated new needs in terms of internal communication and collaboration tools, but also in terms of support for the transformation of working methods. By its development, Mozzaik365 allows to answer all these new stakes, by proposing to the companies a complete and secured Digital Workplace solution. The advantage: very short implementation times, which allows to respond efficiently to crisis situations as we experienced during the first confinements.

In 2021, Mozzaik365 announced that it would become independent in order to open its capital to investors and accelerate its development in France and internationally. Thanks to the help of two buyers, Florian Bouron and Antoine Chancel, and the Keyrus group (its first minority investor), the company was able to take off and go a long way!  

Finally, Mozzaik365 has also recently joined the acceleration program of Younicorns, the Startup Studio of the Keyrus group, whose mission is to create and develop co-creation projects for start-ups. Younicorns thus accompanies Mozzaik365 in the perennial construction of a product vision and the development of marketing tools.

Mozzaik : 1 an

What about today?

Currently, Mozzaik365 has 30 employees, with an average age of 29 years. More than 70 customers, including major accounts such as the Bouygues group and Michelin, representing a total of more than 450,000 users.

In one year, the company has welcomed 28 employees and acquired 150,000 new users. It has also expanded its partner ecosystem to support its growth, welcoming 15 new integrator partners. A great performance, which makes us optimistic about the future!

A unique workspace to meet the challenges of business

Mozzaik365's objective is to create a fluid and connected workspace(Digital Workplace), which simplifies the daily life of employees by allowing them to communicate, share and collaborate easily within the company. By doubling the functionalities of Microsoft SharePoint, Mozzaik365 answers 3 major contemporary challenges for companies:

  • Information and knowledge management;
  • Collaboration;
  • Internal communication and facilitation of the digital life of employees.

All this while respecting the values that are dear to him: benevolence (listening to customers), commitment (giving the best of oneself), and finally transparency (ensuring clear communication with all interlocutors).

Anniversary mozzaik : 1 year

A new team, for new projects

To continue and develop its work inuser experience excellence, Mozzaik365 can count on a new team and new ways of working.

Today, 28 employees are divided into a product team, which creates and develops the software(designers, developers, product managers), a sales team, a partnership team, and a marketing team. Mozzaik365's strong growth leads it to regularly recruit new profiles.

In order to offer an ever more powerful product to customers, Mozzaik365 is currently developing the MODA application, which allows to integrate highly customizable Dashboards highly customizable dashboards in Teams. You will be able to create your Dashboards very easily using predefined templates, but also add, modify, customize your Widgets and configure your Dashboards to offer your collaborators a personalized workspace that meets their needs.  

Discover the different use cases treated by MODA :

  • Personal Dashboard, to make the employees actors of their Digital Workplace by allowing them to personalize their space from models that you will propose;
  • Communication Dashboard, to deploy a communication dashboard in a few clicks by centralizing information and offering an engaging and pleasant exchange space to employees;
  • Team Dashboard, allowing you to group together the information and applications essential to your project teams;
  • Ephemeral Dashboard, for example, to make a success of the Onboarding process by centralizing the entire experience of discovering the work environment of future employees;
  • Mobile Dashboard, which facilitates communication with the field team through a mobile experience;

The goal: more efficient team collaboration , improved performance and better internal communication.

The application will be available in late 2022 on the Teams Store.

Mozzaik365's mission: to bring more information and value to users

Since 1 year, the teams have continued the graphic redesign of all Mozzaik365 environments. The Digital Workplaces now have a modern design and offer many customization options.

Marketing actions have also been carried out, to bring more information and value to customers. Whether it's blog articles, webinars, white papers or educational LinkedIn posts, Mozzaik365 strives to make knowledge available to all its users. As such, it will participate in the next edition of the Digital Workplace Show, which will be held in March 2023 in Paris.

The objective: to continue its momentum by delivering information in a fun and accessible way. Faithful to its values of sharing, Mozzaik365 has indeed at heart to circulate information as much as possible.

1 year, and more...

After this intense year, Mozzaik365's objective remains the same: to offer an ever more efficient product, and to quickly establish itself as a reference in France and internationally.

So what can we wish for ourselves in 2023? First of all, to develop new products and offer a solution that meets the evolving needs of companies, but also to welcome new talents by doubling the current teams.

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