June 8, 2021

Mozzaik365, publisher of Digital Workplace solutions, becomes independent to accelerate its development



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French intranet and digital workplace solutions provider Mozzaik365 becomes independent

Mozzaik365 goes independent

French intranet and digital workplace solutions provider Mozzaik365 has announced that it is becoming independent in order to open its capital to investors and accelerate its expansion in France and Europe.

Mozzaik become independant

Initially developed within the company Infeeny - a subsidiary of the Econocom group - to meet the challenges of digitalizing collaborative tools in companies, Mozzaik365 is now taking off again thanks to the help of two buyers - Florian Bouron and Antoine Chancel - and the Keyrus group, its first minority investor.

The Covid-19 pandemic has just transformed the usual methods of collaboration in companies by introducing teleworking, thus generating new needs in terms of accelerated deployment of collaborative and communication tools, rationalisation of IT infrastructures, and support for the transformation of remote working practices.

The acceleration of Mozzaik365's development comes at the right time to respond to all of these challenges by offering companies a complete, simple and perfectly secure Digital Workplace solution, and this, within very short deadlines such as those that may be imposed in a confinement situation.

" Through this new step Mozzaik365 wishes to strongly accelerate its product and commercial development and already aims to triple its teams in 2021", comments Florian Bouron, CEO of MozzaiK365. " Many new features will be deployed on the product, in order to offer a solution that meets the mobility needs of 'frontline workers' in particular, as well as a vertical enrichment of business-related functionalities."

Mozzaik365 is positioned as an extension to Office 365 - not an overlay - that allows users to quickly and easily deploy a Digital Workplace that is natively integrated with their Microsoft 365 world. Mozzaik365 provides a seamless and intuitive user experience while offering communication, knowledge management, event management, and collaboration and community features, all of which are in addition to the inherent capabilities of Office 365. Today, more than 40 large accounts and SMEs, including Bouygues, Michelin and AccorInvest, rely on the Mozzaik365 solution to improve the digital life of their employees on a daily basis, with more than 300,000 users around the world to date.

One of Mozzaik365 's objectives remains to continue its work on user experience excellence, with for example the deployment of a Digital Workplace implementation module which is totally in line with the "No Code" movement to offer all the independence and freedom necessary to its users. The solution also includes in its roadmapnew features around Microsoft Teams and for mobiles. To accelerate its commercial deployment in France and internationally, Mozzaik365 intends to rely on a strong strategy of partnerships and business referrals. Since the operation, several renowned companies, such as Econocom-Infeeny, C2S, Campana & Schott and Keyrus, have joined Mozzaik365's partner network to help companies deploy a Digital Workplace in their customers' Office 365 environment.

Mozzaik365 also recently joined the acceleration programme of Younicorns, the corporate studio of the Keyrus group, to benefit from its extensive expertise in the field of startup co-creation. Younicorns is supporting Mozzaik365 in building a product vision and deploying marketing tools to accelerate commercial traction. " The innovative business model of the Younicorns startup studio favours a long-term relationship with the startups it supports. This translates into an equity stake in Mozzaik365 s capital with the aim of completely aligning interests, particularly in the search for optimal marketing and sales performance for the development of Mozzaik365" Brahim Abdesslam, CEO of Younicorns, comments.

About Mozzaik365

Mozzaik365 is a Microsoft 365 integrated Digital Workplace solution provider whose mission is to foster communication, engagement and efficiency of employees within the company. Right in the middle of the "No code" movement, Mozzaik365 offers a simple solution to create a fluid and scalable Digital Workplace.

More information on: www.mozzaik365.com

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Jonathan Smadja
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Florian Bouron - CEO
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