July 17, 2023

New OneDrive: presentation and latest features



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In 2023, OneDrive is evolving. New features have been announced.

Microsoft OneDrive isone of the world's most popular online file storage services, particularly among organizations. According to Microsoft, 85% of Fortune 500 companies use OneDrive. The reason for this success? The solution offers advanced features that enable employees to share documents, store them online and edit them in groups.

In 2023, OneDrive is evolving. New features were announced at the Microsoft conference in Las Vegas in May. In this article, Mozzaik365 takes a closer look at this flagship application and presents the latest OneDrive news . Happy reading!

‍What isOneDrive?

OneDrive is one of the pillars of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Here's how it works.

OneDrive: definition

OneDrive is Microsoft's online storage service. This application, part of the Office365 Suite , is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It enables you to:

  • Host files in the Cloud;
  • Share files securely ;
  • Work alone or with others on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents .

A brief history of OneDrive

The story of OneDrive began in 2007, when Microsoft launched the "Windows Live Folders" file and photo storage platform. Renamed "Windows Live SkyDrive", the service was integrated into Microsoft Office Web Apps in 2010. Users can now store their Office files online and edit them from any computer. Two years later, "SkyDrive Pro" was born, a solution reserved for businesses offering collaboration features .

In 2013, SkyDrive was renamed "OneDrive". The following year, the technology was launched on Android and iOS platforms . Users could then access their files from their smartphone or tablet . A year later, in 2015, Microsoft announced the possibility of increasing storage capacity to 1 TB for all Microsoft Office 365 customers.

Microsoft OneDrive is regularly enhanced with new features. Since 2016, for example, users have been able to share files directly from Windows File Explorer and co-edit Office files in real time. Another noteworthy innovation: in 2020, the Redmond giant further strengthened the security of OneDriveby introducing a "safe" feature that provides enhanced protection for sensitive files (double authentication, encryption, recovery, etc.).

New OneDrive : Presentation

What are the main features of OneDrive?

OneDrive comprises three main features:  

‍File storage

OneDrive is first and foremost a cloud-based file hosting service. Depending on the subscription chosen, each employee benefits from a minimum of 1 TB of storage capacity , and can store files of up to 100 GB . These can then be consulted or modified from any device thanks to the OneDrive application for Android, iOS and Windows.

Users can also synchronize their OneDrive files and folders on their computer (Mac or PC). In this way, they can access their documents and work offline. Changes made offline are automatically synchronized as soon as the device is reconnected to the Internet.

File sharing

OneDrive enables you to share files securely both inside and outside your organization. By default, files hosted on OneDrive are private. If desired, the owner of a document can authorize one or more users to view or modify it. This sharing can be time-limited and stopped at any time.

To prevent the leakage of confidential data or the sharing of sensitive documents, companies can set up a policy for controlling access rights. Administrators can, for example, prevent any outside individual from accessing OneDrive, even when content has been shared with them.

Real-time collaboration

OneDrive is a tool foroptimizing collaborative working in the workplace. Via this service, employees can share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Authorized users can access these files from their web browser, smartphone or computer, and work simultaneously.

Changes made by each team member are automatically synchronized. In this way, all team members have immediate access to the latest version of the co-edited document . Users can also write comments to interact in real time, brainstorming together and making faster progress on their projects.

New OneDrive : Features

What are the advantages of OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive offers a number of major benefits that make it ideal for business use:

Security and confidentiality

OneDrive is a cloud storage solution that guarantees security and confidentiality. Data stored by users remains their property. What's more, OneDrive includesadvanced security features. Here are just a few examples:

  • Data encryption. Data hosted on OneDrive is encrypted during storage and transport. If an employee loses his or her cell phone or has a laptop stolen, the company's data is protected.  
  • Antivirus scanning of uploaded files. When a document is placed in OneDrive, it is automatically checked for possible threats.
  • Monitoring for suspicious activity. OneDrive detects, reports and blocks unusual connection attempts, made from a new device or an unknown location.
  • Recovery of deleted files. If you delete files by mistake or as a result of a malicious attack, OneDrive lets you recover "deleted" data.

Integration with other Microsoft services

OneDrive is integrated with various applications in the Office365 environment, including Teams and Outlook, SharePointPowerPoint, Word and Excel. Thanks to these integrations, employees can co-edit PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets or texts written in Word. This is a real plus for teams working in hybrid environments, or on different sites or in different time zones. But that's not all. Users can also quickly add files shared via Teams or SharePoint to OneDrive.

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What's the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint?

OneDrive and SharePoint are two Microsoft solutions for storing files in the Cloud. However, while OneDrive is primarily an online document library, SharePoint can be used to create a real intranet on which documents, applications and workflows can be hosted.

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What's new in OneDrive?

In 2023 Microsoft is adding new features to OneDrive. Here's a roundup of OneDrive new features you won't want to miss:

OneDrive files are even more accessible

The new OneDrive home page lets users find their files even more quickly , so they can devote their time to higher value-added tasks. Employees can now :

  • Display all their stored files in a single view;
  • Classify files according to the people with whom they are shared ;
  • View the documents associated with a given meeting;
  • Filter results by file type (PDF, Word, etc.) ;
  • Assign colors to their different folders to make them easier to locate;
  • Mark their "favorite" files with a star to make them easier to find.

As the icing on the cake, a new "for you" section displays a personalized selection of files . These suggestions, generated using artificial intelligence (AI), are based on upcoming meetings, recently opened documents and files identified as "favorites".

A simplified sharing experience

OneDrive's file-sharing experience has also been enhanced:

  • Thanks to the new share dialog box, users can quickly share their documents by attaching a message to the recipient(s);
  • The action of "copying" the file link (for example, to send it by email) also becomes smoother. A notification confirming the operation appears and closes automatically.

OneDrive application integrated into Teams

OneDrive is integrated into the Teams collaborative working application. Users can access all OneDrive features directly from the Teams "Files" tab .

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Working offline from the OneDrive browser

With the new "available offline" feature, there's no need to upload documents to a computer, tablet or cell phone to work offline. Now, OneDrive users can access a file directly from the OneDrive browser, even without internet access. Changes made offline are automatically synchronized once the connection is restored.

Open a non-Office file in a desktop application

Finally, with the new "open in application" feature, users can open non-Office files (PDF, MP4, JPG, etc.) stored on OneDrive in their desktop applications. They can then view and modify these files. Any changes made will be synchronized with OneDrive.

New version of OneDrive: what you need to know

OneDrive is an online file storage service whose origins date back to the late 2000s. This application, integrated into the Office365 suite, has been a great success with businesses. And with good reason, it offers some very useful solutions for organizations:

  • Hosting and archiving of digital files ;
  • Access to documents from any type of device ;
  • Secure sharing with colleagues and external partners;
  • Document co-editing thanks to integration with Office services (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc.).

Microsoft recently announced the introduction of new OneDrive features. On the program:

  • An improved interface with an overview of files, classification by person, meeting and file type, and customized document selection by AI;
  • A simplified file-sharing experience to manage document access in just a few clicks, and be sure you've copied the sharing link correctly;
  • OneDrive's integration with Teams, allowing you to use the storage application without having to exit Teams, by going to the "files" tab;
  • The ability to work offline directly from the OneDrive browser;
  • The ability toopen a non-Office file hosted on OneDrive in the desired desktop application and save the changes made on OneDrive.

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