May 3, 2022

5 reasons to create a Microsoft-based intranet



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Did you know that with Microsoft you can quickly create a highly functional intranet?

An intranet is a network that works like the Internet, except that it is limited to a restricted group of users. It is used in many companies to provide employees with various information and documents, but also to optimize exchanges within the organization. 85% of employees say they are more motivated when management communicates regularly about company news! (Trade Press Service study - 2018). At the same time, 52% of employees surveyed said they were not satisfied with the way their company communicates internally... There is therefore a real need in this area.

If you want to create a Microsoft-based intranet, follow our guide: we give you 5 good reasons to start.  

What is a Microsoft-based intranet?

Today, it is difficult to do without the benefits of an intranet! When it was created in the 1990s, this tool only fulfilled a few basic functions such as data storage. Its role has since evolved from static to interactive, and today it allows employees to exchange information easily.

In concrete terms, an intranet is a company's internal internet network on which documents and information are exchanged. More specifically, a Microsoft 365-based intranet provides a digital platform designed to integrate with all Microsoft tools in your company (Teams, SharePoint, etc.).

With Microsoft, you can quickly create a highly functional intranet, without the need for specific technical knowledge. You don't need to know how to code! You can create your intranet from scratch on any device and provide a smooth and engaging user experience. In particular, you can create customized solutions for your company. But that's not the only advantage...  

1# Integrating new features into an existing environment

By implementing a Microsoft-based intranet, you meet the needs of several departments by creating a central platform. So you don't add a brick functionally: you integrate new feature into the existing environment. You can then add pages and components as this new platform grows. So it's a real gain in simplification and efficiency.

Indeed, you will be able to create pages easily and in a few clicks in SharePoint, overcoming the graphic limits, while having the possibility of integrating them in Teams thanks to Mozzaik365 solutions.

The other challenge of integrating new features into your intranet is the engagement and communication of your employees:

  • Personalise the spaces and allow your employees to work and communicate in a digital environment dedicated to them (find out why using a personal Dashboard is essential to optimizing your intranet);
  • Target your communications and get the right information to the right people;
  • Make it easy for your employees to provide feedback.

As you can see, for your intranet to be adopted by everyone, it is essential to simplify the integration of new tools by making the experience of your employees more fluid and by engaging them as soon as these features are put in place.  

2# Improving internal communication and team cohesion

It is no secret that internal communication is essential to the success of any company. It is part of the corporate culture, which is itself a real strategic advantage. But you still need the tools to develop it! With a Microsoft-based intranet, it is fortunately easy to create a community and to encourage the transmission and sharing of information.

Such a platform allows employees to be informed of all important company events and projects, to keep them informed of internal developments, and to increase their motivation by strengthening team cohesion and the feeling of belonging. By interacting with each other, employees increase their involvement in the company. The more they use their company's intranet on a daily basis, the more this sense of involvement will be intensified.

This is especially true since the spread of teleworking has reinforced the need to maintain informal links: when employees work remotely, they have an even greater need to communicate and share information (without necessarily increasing the use of emails!). The intranet is an ideal medium for written communication and knowledge sharing.

It is now known that better internal communication (itself linked to a stronger corporate culture) has a direct influence on employee motivation and well-being. According to the Gallup polling company, more than 60 billion euros per year have been lost since 2016 due to a lack of motivation and involvement of employees. Hence the importance of acting on this lever right away.  

5 reasons to create  Microsoft-based intranet

3# Easy access to the platform

Employee access to the company intranet can sometimes be a problem. With a Microsoft-based intranet, you don't have to worry about access to the platform: your employees are already set up in Microsoft, they already know the specifics and features and how to access it. So access and authentication issues are not an issue. By saving time with an easy-to-use, turnkey solution, your employees can focus on the most important tasks and be more efficient.

💡 Another special advantage is that as a company, you already have all the Microsoft licenses. So you're just leveraging the services you're already paying for.

#4 The creation of a tailor-made intranet

Transform your Microsoft-based intranet into a modern platform with the many features offered by the Mozzaik365 solution. Create a custom intranet that reflects your company's image, making it possible to create an intranet that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and easy to use. You can customize the design of your intranet to create a real identity and give it distinctive features. This strengthens your brand image and your corporate culture. When you know that an intranet that has not been properly designed is used by less than 50% of employees on a daily basis, you can see that this is a real advantage!

By creating your custom intranet with Mozzaik365 you meet real needs in business such as improving collaboration, promoting communication between your teams and sharing knowledge. By meeting these needs, you will increase your company's productivity by creating commitment among your employees and by facilitating information sharing.  

To meet specific needs, different types of intranet can be set up. Discover our examples of intranet in companies and the different possible uses.

Microsoft based intranet : 5 good reasons

But the Mozzaik365 intranet is not only aesthetically pleasing and practical, it also does not compromise the security offered by the Microsoft environment. Which leads us to the next point...  

#5 Maximum security maintained

Mozzaik365 is a native SharePoint and Teams extension integrated into your Microsoft environment. As such, no data is hosted at Mozzaik. We are particularly aware that digitization can jeopardize data security, and that it comes with its own risks: that's why we don't compromise with security. Mozzaik365 offers you to create an intranet that respects the highest security standards and protects users' personal data.  

💡 If you're interested in this topic, also read our blog post on best practices for securing your intranet.


There is no doubt that the intranet is one of the most important tools a company can have. Strengthening team cohesion, optimizing information sharing, increasing employee engagement, reinforcing corporate image and culture - these are all reasons why organizations should take the plunge. By creating your own Microsoft-based intranet, you benefit from a number of advantages, including the possibility of setting up a customized platform, entirely tailored to your company's image, without compromising on security.

📌 For additional resources, visit the Microsoft documentation.

Things to remember

An intranet allows you to :

📌 Integrate new functionality into an existing environment;

📌 Improving communication and team cohesion;

📌 Make employees more accessible;

📌 Customize your intranet;

📌 Enhance data security.

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