March 17, 2023

Mozzaik365 features you've never seen before



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Discover the key features of the Mozzaik365 solution.

Mozzaik365 is a SaaS solution that allows you to create a Digital Workplace in the Microsoft 365 environment and to add features (also called WebParts) on SharePoint sites. There are about 50 features available, which can be used in a variety of circumstances and address 3 main issues:

In this article, we present you the main features of the Mozzaik365 solution.

What is the Mozzaik365 solution?

About the company

Mozzaik365's mission is to improve the employee experience through solutions integrated with the Microsoft 365 environment. We are deeply committed to creating tools that connect talents and facilitate internal communication and knowledge sharing. To achieve this, our Mozzaik365 and MODA solutions double the power of SharePoint & Teams by adding numerous features.

Mozzaik365 is driven by a constantly growing team of 30 people! (If you want to join the Mozzaik365 adventure, come this way).

About the Mozzaik365 solution

Mozzaik365 is a SharePoint extension that allows to create beautiful collaborative intranets. It has more than 450,000 users, is 100% secure, and does not host any client data.

Mozzaik365 features you should know

Mozzaik365 offers 50 different features to add to your SharePoint sites, to create modern, fluid and intuitive intranets.

Mozzaik365 is also integrated with Teams through Viva Connections.

Here are the ones to know as a priority:  

The Search feature

Knowledge sharing has become a major issue for companies seeking to improve their processes, collaboration between their teams, productivity and engagement through a strong corporate culture.

However, 60% of employees feel they have difficulty finding the information they need to carry out their missions.

With this in mind, the Search feature allows your employees to find all the information they are looking for and to navigate through the database quickly and easily.

To be relevant, search must be seamless and must provide the information you are looking for in the best possible way. Our Search feature uses the power of Microsoft Search to allow you to extend your search across your Microsoft environment from your Digital Workplace.

Another advantage to the Search feature is the ability to customize the set of search parameters such as :

  • Choice of Scope ;
  • Customize and modulate the layout;
  • Choose filters;
  • Choose the verticals.

You will then be able to offer a fluid and intuitive user experience that will save precious time.

Use case: We recommend using this feature for all your intranets, whether it is for :

  • Offer a global search engine specific to the company
  • Display a document library
  • Search for a theme
  • Search for project documentation
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The business directory

A corporate directory as a Who's Who, is a list of photographs that represent the members of an organization.

Applied to the business world, the directory has several functions. First of all, it allows to list all the employees and to highlight their different skills.

In addition, it facilitates internal communication and exchanges between teams, as it allows everyone to identify who does what in the organization and to get in touch with the internal expert they are looking for. This is particularly useful for new employees, who need to familiarize themselves with the organization chart and the functions of each person. The company directory feature also addresses the company's daily HR challenges: employee motivation, communication, and facilitation of exchanges.

To go further, discover the new features of Mozzaik365's Who's Who.

How do I use it? The company directory allows you to search for people by name, department, location or skills. It can be set up to be used in many cases, whether it is the display of a complete company photo, the presentation of the members of a department, new arrivals, the search for skills, etc.

Finally, the directory is an excellent way for a company to express its universe and reinforce its employer brand.  

Use case: we recommend this fueature for HR intranets.

The social network wall

Internal communication has major challenges: it is a matter of knowing how to communicate the company's values and objectives to employees.

The "social network wall" feature is part of a strategy of Employee Advocacy, i.e. a communication strategy that mobilizes employees to promote and highlight the company's image. This component allows you to gather all the information from your social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube...) within your intranet, while adding external sources.

Thanks to the social network wall, you can unify your company's communication and create engagement by centralizing the content of your social networks, and by allowing employees to interact with the publications and share them with a few clicks. This feature meets the company's internal communication needs, i.e., to engage employees and reinforce the corporate culture.

Use case : we recommend this feature for internal communication intranets .

The unified experience

The unified experience is a navigation bar that allows you to move between the company's SharePoint sites and business tools with great fluidity. It is one of the features that allows you to create a Digital Workplace. Thanks to the unified experience, you can make your intranet a single access point to all your tools. In addition, the application launcher allows you to have quick links to launch your applications from your Digital Workplace. Each navigation link can be associated with an audience: service, department, position, language, etc. Only the users of the associated audience will be able to see it. This is a real plus to avoid being drowned by too many applications and not knowing which one to use.

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Use case: we recommend this feature for all intranets.

Mozzaik365 features

The Personal Dashboard

Only 13% of employees say they use their intranet on a daily basis, and 31% say they never use it. 72% of them even rate their company's intranet as "reasonable to poor"! Yet, users want an optimized digital environment, with practical features, which facilitates their daily professional life.

The PersonalDashboard is the central point of the Digital Workplace. It is a dashboard that links to all applications and key information of the users.

The objective of the PersonalDashboardis to become their home page. They can find their profile, their tools, their favorite applications, as well as personalized content. The PersonalDashboard provides access to all the services delivered by Microsoft 365 and Teams, all the company's applications, the latest news, etc. This modernizes work habits, as there is no need to use a different software for each use.

From now on, the PersonalDashboard allows you to group all the tools that your employees use on a daily basis on a single page.

Many features can be integrated: the social network wall, events, theme feeds, newcomers' notebook, idea box, etc.

Use case: we recommend this feature for all intranets.

Yammer Community Space integrated with SharePoint

The integration of Yammer communities in community spaces aims to make exchanges between teams more fluid and simpler. It also helps strengthen team cohesion and circulate information more efficiently.

This community space creates communities of interest and specific expertise , even from a distance. It gives employees a voice, strengthens their commitment and connects them to each other. By working to share knowledge, it encourages skills development.

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Use case: we recommend this feature for large companies that are looking to create a bond between their employees and strengthen their teams.

The Site factory

The Site Factory is a tool that allows you to replicate a SharePoint site from a predefined template. This feature will be of particular interest to large companies that use the same SharePoint site structure several times and want to save time.

Example for a project site:

  • We start by creating a blank project site, with the settings, applications, shortcuts, designs, documents, features we need, etc. This site will serve as a template for the project site. We usually get help from an integrator for this first step.
  • We then use the site factory to duplicate the model endlessly at each new project launch!

The site factory makes it possible to create beautiful pages, while facilitating contribution and obtaining productivity gains.

Use case: we recommend this feature for companies that want to save time on the creation of SharePoint sites and that use a common base for several sites.

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Mozzaik365 new features

Corporate events

Corporate events are key vectors of communication and commitment. They enable employees to unite around a common project (signing of an important contract, official announcement, Kick Off at the beginning of the year, etc.). As such, they are important tools for reinforcing the corporate culture.

With this module, teams can quickly access all major events organized by the company. All information related to these events can be consulted and employees can register in one click. For users, many features are available, such as :

  • The complete view of corporate events;
  • Search by date and/or categories;
  • Enrollments;
  • Waiting lists;
  • The list of participants.

For administrators, it is possible to :

  • Manage events;
  • Manage enrollment;
  • Contact participants.

Use case: we recommend this feature for internal communication intranets.

📌 Please note: The same feature can be used multiple times to address different issues.

For example, the Personal Dashboard allows users to:

- Access the right information according to their sector and/or their needs (communication issues);

- Access to resources (knowledge issues);

- But also to facilitate their collaboration (issues of motivation and skill sharing).

To know more

The same feature can be used several times to address different issues. For example, the Personal Dashboard allows users to:

📌 Access the right information based on their industry and/or needs (communication issues)

📌 To access resources (knowledge issues);

📌 But also to facilitate their collaboration (motivation and skill sharing issues).


We've taken a tour of Mozzaik365's top features. Thanks to these multiple features of internal communication, collaboration and knowledge management, you will be able to create a true Digital Workplace

integrated with Microsoft 365 to connect all your employees.

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