June 23, 2023

Viva Learning: The future of corporate learning thanks to Microsoft



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In today's fast-moving business world, it's essential for companies to stay at the cutting edge of knowledge and provide continuous learning opportunities for their employees.  

Here are some training figures:

  • In view of changing employment and economic conditions, 90% of employees understand the importance of updating their skills and knowledge (Source: Tironem, 2022).
  • 68% of employees want access to more training, according to a study by Empowill in 2022.  
  • 42% of companies have decided to increase the training provided to their employees in 2022.  

Microsoft, one of the world's leading technology companies, understands this importance. Its innovative Viva Learning solution is revolutionizing corporate learning. In this article, we'll explore Viva Learning's key features and its many benefits for companies and employees alike.

What is Viva Learning?

Viva Learning is a learning platform integrated with Microsoft Teams, the renowned enterprise communication and collaboration tool. It is part of the Microsoft Viva suite, which aims to enhance the employee experience and strengthen the learning culture within organizations.  

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Viva Learning is specifically designed to centralize and facilitate access to learning resources, such as e-learning, courses, educational videos, documents and internal training materials. It enables employees to develop their skills and stay up to date in their field.

Below are the key features offered by Viva Learning.

Viva Learning features :

Centralized access to learning resources  

Viva Learning aggregates learning resources from different sources, both internal and external to the company. Employees can access relevant content without having to navigate between multiple platforms.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams  

Being integrated with Microsoft Teams, Viva Learning integrates seamlessly into users' existing work environment. They can search, share and consult learning resources without leaving the Teams application.

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Viva learning : future of corporate learning

Personalized recommendations  

Thanks to Microsoft's artificial intelligence, Viva Learning is able to provide personalized recommendations based on each individual's interests, skills and learning objectives. This enables employees to quickly discover relevant resources for their professional development.

Progress monitoring and evaluation  

Viva Learning gives employees and managers access to information on the learning progress of individuals or entire teams. This makes it easier to track acquired skills and identify areas requiring particular attention.

Examples of integration

Viva Learning makes it easy to integrate different types of training content and courses within an organization. Here are a few examples of Viva Learning integration:

Online training content  

Viva Learning integrates e-learning courses and modules from a variety of sources, including external learning platforms, recorded courses, videos, documents and presentations. Employees can access this content directly from the Viva Learning interface, facilitating continuous learning.

Live training  

Viva Learning also enables the integration of live training sessions, such as webinars or virtual classes. Users can consult the agenda of upcoming events, register for sessions that interest them, and join live sessions from within Viva Learning.

Internal content  

Organizations can integrate their own internal training content into Viva Learning. This includes training manuals, guides, internal policies, internally-created training videos, etc. The aim is to centralize all training content in one place, making it easy to access and consult.

Customized training  

As mentioned above, Viva Learning offers customization features to adapt to each user's needs and preferences. Employees choose the subjects that interest them, define their learning objectives and receive recommendations for courses and content tailored to their specific needs.

Integration with other tools  

Viva Learning can be integrated with other tools and platforms commonly used within an organization, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or other learning management systems (LMS), to access training content directly from these tools, making learning more accessible and convenient for employees.

Benefits of Viva Learning for companies and employees

Continuous learning and development opportunities:  

Viva Learning offers easy access to a wide range of learning resources, enabling employees to deepen their knowledge, develop new skills and stay up-to-date in their field. This encourages continuous learning within the organization.

Time-saving and efficient  

Thanks to seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, employees can access learning resources without having to switch between different applications. This saves time and improves overall efficiency.

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Personalized learning

Viva Learning's personalized recommendations enable each individual to tailor their learning path according to their interests, professional goals and preferences. This ensures a more relevant and motivating learning experience, which boosts employee engagement.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing  

Viva Learning facilitates the sharing of learning resources within the company. Employees can recommend relevant training courses, articles or videos to their colleagues, fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Measuring the impact of learning

Thanks to progress tracking and evaluation features, companies can measure the impact of learning on employee performance and development. This enables them to adjust and improve their training programs in line with the organization's real needs.  

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Integration with existing learning management tools

Viva Learning also offers integration capabilities with other learning management systems (LMS) already used by companies. This makes it possible to centralize access to resources and provide a smooth, consistent learning experience.

In conclusion, Microsoft's Viva Learning is a powerful solution that reinvents corporate learning. Thanks to its advanced features, this platform enables companies to provide continuous learning opportunities for their employees, fostering their professional development and the growth of the organization. With seamless integration into Microsoft Teams, personalized recommendations and progress tracking metrics, Viva Learning offers a modern and engaging learning experience. If you want to transform your business into a learning organization, Viva Learning is a must-have tool to consider.

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