July 7, 2023

Viva Sales from Microsoft: accelerate your sales productivity with a powerful platform



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Software industry leader Microsoft recently launched Viva Sales.

In an ever-changing business environment, it is essential for companies to take advantage of technological advances to maintain their competitiveness.

On average, companies spend two-thirds of their time on administrative tasks, which is a waste of time since it is now possible to delegate these tasks to AI.  

That's why Microsoft, a leader in the software industry, recently launched Viva Sales, a revolutionary platform designed to improve the productivity of sales teams, enabling them to enhance their CRM by no longer wasting time processing data.

Whereas previously only 1/3 of their time was devoted to customer interaction and sales, Viva Sales enables them to devote more of their time to this, relieving them of tedious tasks.

In this article, we'll explore the features, benefits and key figures of Viva Sales.

What is Viva Sales?

Viva Sales is an intelligent cloud-based platform developed by Microsoft. The solution is designed to boost corporate CRM.

It offers a complete solution for sales teams, enabling them to optimize their sales activities, strengthen collaboration and improve efficiency through advanced features. In particular, it supports data collection, entry and analysis.

By integrating communication, collaboration and analysis tools, Viva Sales offers a holistic approach to transforming the way companies manage their sales process.

Viva Sales in Teams

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Microsoft Viva Sales integrated with Teams offers valuable recommendations and information to maintain a constant connection with customers.

AI also helps save time by automating data entry, while enabling personalized engagements to close deals faster.

In addition, Viva Sales in Teams offers a better understanding of customer needs thanks to call summaries that are transcribed with conversational intelligence. There is also access to automatically generated follow-ups, enabling the right action to be taken at the right time.

Using Viva Sales in Outlook

As a salesperson, it's essential to establish effective e-mail communication with potential customers.

With Microsoft Viva Sales and Outlook, you can optimize your interactions with prospects by leveraging information from your CRM system and Microsoft Office. This data is enriched to improve your productivity and help you prepare your commitments.

An interesting new feature is the ability to connect your CRM and classify external contacts as customers, whether from an incoming e-mail, an e-mail draft or a meeting invitation. What's more, you can view other customers from the same account and get a full meeting summary after a Teams call.

Viva sales from Microsoft

Key features of Viva Sales :

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :  

Viva Sales integrates a powerful CRM that enables sales teams to centralize and manage all customer-related information. This facilitates collaboration and coordination between different team members, while offering a complete view of the history of customer interactions.

Predictive analysis  

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Viva Sales can analyze sales data to identify trends and predictive patterns. This enables sales teams to make informed decisions and adapt their sales strategy according to customer needs and preferences. Artificial intelligence will deliver follow-up suggestions and reminders.

Collaboration tools  

Viva Sales integrates real-time collaboration tools that facilitate communication and coordination between team members. Features such as document sharing, comments and online discussions promote seamless and effective collaboration, even when team members are geographically dispersed.

Task automation  

Viva Sales automates manual, repetitive tasks such as data entry, report generation and activity planning. Sales teams save time and concentrate on higher value-added tasks, such as customer relations and closing sales.

Benefits of Viva Sales :

Productivity improvement  

By integrating the various features essential to sales teams, Viva Sales streamlines processes and optimizes productivity. Team members can quickly access relevant information, collaborate effectively and automate tasks, freeing up time to concentrate on higher value-added activities.

Informed decision-making  

With Viva Sales' advanced predictive analytics, sales teams can make more informed and accurate decisions. By understanding market trends and customer needs, companies can adapt their sales strategies and maximize their chances of closing successful sales.

Better collaboration and coordination  

Viva Sales facilitates collaboration between sales team members, whether in the office or remotely. Thanks to integrated communication and document sharing tools, team members can work together seamlessly, promoting effective coordination and better customer management.

Key figures :

According to a recent study, companies using Viva Sales reported a 20% increase in sales productivity.

Over 80% of Viva Sales users have reported a significant improvement in collaboration and communication within their sales team.

Companies using Viva Sales have seen their conversion rates increase by an average of 15%, thanks to a better understanding of customer needs and preferences.

In conclusion, Microsoft's Viva Sales is a revolutionary platform that enables sales teams to leverage advanced technologies to improve productivity, collaboration and performance. By integrating features such as customer relationship management, predictive analytics, collaboration tools and task automation, Viva Sales offers a comprehensive approach to accelerating sales and driving business growth. This makes Viva Sales an essential tool for sales teams in the digital age.

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