April 21, 2023

Discover what's new in 2023 with Microsoft 365



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In this year 2023, Microsoft has a lot of new features.

What's new in SharePoint

Video Transcript Search Feature  

If you are having trouble finding the information you are looking for in a Stream video, the "Video Transcript Search" feature will interest you!

This feature allows the user to search for keywords in the video transcript and go directly to the location where the keyword is used. Thus, users can find exactly what they are looking for in a video by using this feature in the Mozzaik365 search center.

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Analysis of search usage on SharePoint sites  

In the Microsoft 365 admin center, you can now find information about search activity and recent queries, as well as users and connection analysis. So that includes SharePoint sites, Microsoft365 main menu search and all searches performed by the Mozzaik365 search center.

This feature allows your users to :

  • Filter reports by country, profession, department ;  
  • View data from the last few days, weeks or months;
  • And use this information to improve knowledge management.
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What's new in Viva Connections

A new Viva Connections experience

Viva Connections is an application integrated into Microsoft Teams that provides employees with an intranet where they can view content of interest to them: news, announcements, applications, etc.

A new, more flexible and intuitive user experience is now proposed. Indeed, the layout of the homepage on the desktop application is now made up of three main elements:  

  • Dashboards : these contain all the tools employees need for their daily tasks.
  • Feed: allows the display of personalized content. It is integrated with Yammer, SharePoint news and Stream.
  • Resources : contains navigation links to the different resources.

Viva Goals

Viva Goals integrates with the employee experience by providing a solution for sharing goals and results, as well as their progress throughout the company.

Are you familiar with the OKR method ? It stands for Objectives and Key Results. This project management method is well known to organizations, which use it to define measurable objectives and monitor their results.

  • It helps to align and connect employees to the company's goals.
  • It allows teams to focus on objectives to increase their productivity.  
  • It creates transparency on the commitment of each team member to achieve the set objectives.  
  • It offers the possibility to follow the regular progress towards the objectives and the results obtained.  

Microsoft makes it possible to set up OKRs with Viva Goals. This solution facilitates the regular monitoring of the progress of goals in the company.

And that's not all: Viva Goals will soon have Analytics, for detailed OKR tracking, and the ability to bulk import OKRs from Excel.

What's new in 2023 with Microsoft ?

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What's new in Planner

Recurring tasks

Thanks to Planner, you can now easily manage recurring tasks by configuring their automatic repetition (weekly, monthly or yearly) and by customizing the repetition parameters.

Grid views

By default, to-do lists are organized in columns. You can now customize this display, to prefer a grid layout. This feature allows you to get an overview of the tasks, without having to open each of them.

The new Power Apps

Express design

Express design gives users the ability to use drawings and/or graphical presentations in Figma and instantly turn them into a working application.

Thus, creating applications directly from Figma designs allows users to collaborate more efficiently.

Co-author feature

With the co-authoring feature, users can modify applications together in real time. This allows teams to improve their collaboration and the resulting innovation.

Reuse of formulas

Power Apps now offers the possibility to reuse formulas to limit the duplication of code and therefore the probability of making errors.

What's new in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Webinars

Webinars now contain more customization options. So when you create a new webinar template in Teams, you now have an updated interface and expanded options for customizing webinar registration details and settings. For example: custom logo, presenter bio, attendee registration date, etc.

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Microsoft365 : What's new ?

Notifications @everyone

In Teams group chats, you can now notify all members at once by typing @ and selecting the Everyone option. This update makes it faster and easier to send messages to multiple people, since you don't have to mention a person's name one by one. A real time saver.

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Premium Teams

Since February 2023, Teams Premium is available for purchase. It is an add-on module that offers more advanced features to streamline and automate daily tasks. Here are some of its features:  

  • Customization of the meeting connection interface using a template system (allows meetings to be reclassified as job interviews, brainstorming, project follow-up, etc.);
  • Use of artificial intelligence to automatically generate minutes at the end of the meeting, with a list of tasks;
  • Intelligent recordings of meetings with automatic chapters and focus to extract relevant information more easily;
  • Live subtitles in over 40 languages;
  • Advanced features for Webinars.

New collaborative features

Here is a list of the new features concerning chat and collaborative work:

  • Deleting chat conversations you no longer need without affecting other participants in the same chat, to lighten and improve visibility in your chat panel;
  • Add new participants to a chat faster and easier by simply writing "@mention".  
  • Automatic recommendations of people, allowing to save time when searching for speakers;
  • Set up Adobe Acrobat as the default PDF application to easily share, review and access PDFs stored in SharePoint.

In 2023, Microsoft has a lot of new features. They focus on artificial intelligence and improved collaboration between teams.

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