C2S is a company founded by a group of specialists. For all those who are experiencing digital transformation and are aware of the difficulties involved.

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Who is C2S?

In an uncertain world, where technology is omnipresent, the need to adapt calls for increasingly complex transformations, C2S works in multiple contexts, which puts us in a privileged position to identify sustainable trends.

As pathfinders for the digital age, we help to resolve its dilemmas. As a strike force for the business and IT departments, we're at their side when it comes to implementation.

250 Employees – Turnover of €30 million by 2022 – 31 years of expertise

End-to-end support to serve our customers: developing new businesses, digitalising the heart of the organisation, and seizing innovation opportunities wherever they come from.

This support is divided into three areas:


Digital transformation : We support your company and help your employees with complex transformation projects, providing our expertise and methodologies.

Cybersecurity & infrastructure : We can help you set up an Information Security Management System. We can help you define, implement and migrate your IS infrastructures.

Managed services : We operate your systems and manage the IT ecosystem of your working environments to deliver a VIP user experience.


Looking for results: We avoid off-the-shelf solutions and shiny tools. Each case is unique and requires a tailor-made response.

Sobriety: back to basics. Far from being an innovative concept, beyond the rhetoric, sobriety is the essence of the work of specialists and engineers.

Trust: a prerequisite. We are able to do our job because we are close to our customers and can deal with unforeseen circumstances together.