June 6, 2024

10 Intranet Trends of 2024 You Must Know



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Intranet trends

Discover the latest trends that will transform your company's intranet in 2024 : AI, collaboration tools and more.

According to Gartner, artificial intelligence (AI) will undoubtedly be among the top 10 strategic technology trends for the year 2024. This innovation will undeniably contribute to the evolution of the intranet for the upcoming year. However, it's crucial to note that this isn't the sole opportunity to optimize your Digital Workplace.

In this article, Mozzaik delves into the latest intranet trends to embrace in 2024, tackling your company's challenges, particularly in internal communication, collaborative work, employee engagement, and content creation. Happy reading! 

# 1 AI-Boosted Intranet

The democratization of artificial intelligence (AI) is a key trend in 2024, including in the field of intranet platforms. Integrated into the Digital Workplace, AI enhances productivity, employee experience, internal communication, internal collaboration, facilitates content creation, and streamlines knowledge sharing.

A modern intranet, powered by generative AI, indeed automates repetitive tasks, overcomes creative blocks, accelerates information retrieval, simplifies the understanding of new topics, optimizes content creation and communication, and helps employees focus on their high-value-added tasks.

Since 2023, intranets under Microsoft, such as Mozzaik365 Digital Workplace, have integrated tools like Copilot, developed from OpenAI. This genuine content creation aid enables employees to draft emails, create PowerPoint presentations, or generate meeting reports effortlessly.

# 2 Hyper-Personalization of the Digital Workplace

The second standout trend in 2024 in the realm of collaborative intranet is the hyper-personalization of the Digital Workplace. This translates into productivity gains and a significant improvement in employee experience and user engagement.

Mozzaik’s Digital Workplace and the MODA Teams dashboard creation application have already made personalization one of their strengths. Our solutions allow each employee to create their personalized "News Hub" in their digital workspace simply by subscribing to the information feeds they wish to receive.

Furthermore, with Mozzaik and MODA, employers can provide each employee with a personalized homepage. This customized dashboard, deployed in the Digital Workplace under SharePoint or Teams, consolidates the communication tools, information, contacts, documents, or business applications that each employee needs to work effectively and comfortably on a daily basis.

Finally, an AI-boosted intranet portal offers a unique experience to each employee. User behaviors, preferences, and interactions can be analyzed by artificial intelligence to provide them with useful content, such as tailor-made online training cycles or targeted internal communications.

#3 Mobile-First Intranet Solutions in the Spotlight

In 2024, the intranet network is expanding to all devices. Employees can access it from their desktop computers, laptops, as well as from their smartphones or tablets.

Gone are the days of excluding field employees from the company's internal information and communication systems. Whether in offices, warehouses, production lines, or stores, employees have access to tools that are useful for them to work well, collaborate better with their colleagues, and feel fully integrated into the organization.

Among the new 100% mobile-friendly intranet applications facilitating communication with field teams, MODA stands out as a model. Our solution indeed allows for a pleasant user experience for operational employees directly within the Microsoft Teams mobile application.

Thanks to MODA, employers can design an intuitive dashboard perfectly suited to the constraints of frontline employees. This single-entry channel centralizes news, tasks, social media feeds, personalized information, or tools that field employees need.

#4 Integration with Collaborative Tools

The fourth intranet trend of 2024 is the integration of collaborative tools within the Digital Workplace and with employees' other digital tools. The aim is to create an intuitive digital workspace that enhances user engagement and facilitates teamwork.

Thanks to technologies such as Mozzaik and MODA, integrated respectively with Microsoft SharePoint and Teams collaborative tools, employees have access to a unified digital work environment. They can navigate seamlessly between various Microsoft ecosystem software (Teams, Outlook, Word, Project, etc.) and their business tools, as well as view important information at a glance.

When collaborative and communication tools are integrated, the employee experience is optimal, and individual productivity is improved. Collective productivity is also enhanced. Employees can share and edit files directly in their discussion channels, co-edit documents in real-time, quickly find the internal expert or discussion they need, etc.

#5 No Modern Intranet Without Data Visualization

The Digital Workplace is a remarkable tool for collecting, analyzing, and presenting data. Through data collection, processing, and visualization in the form of graphs, infographics, or tables (Data Visualization), the employer understands how employees use their intranet solution. This allows them to leverage data to make more informed decisions and optimize internal policies.

Mozzaik365 Digital Workplace has already embraced the intranet trend of Data Visualization. Our new Dashboard features "Metrics" functionality. This allows administrators to track intranet usage, including daily user numbers and user engagement with internal content. This can, for example, adapt the internal communication strategy to increase ROI.

#6 Cloud-Based Intranet Platform

A cloud-based intranet platform is an essential trend in 2024, given the rise of remote work and digital transformation in organizations.

According to the Paris Workplace Barometer conducted by IFOP, by the end of 2023, 79% of surveyed employees consider the possibility of telecommuting as a criterion for choosing their next position. Employers must, therefore, equip themselves with an intranet that facilitates remote and hybrid work.

Building the company's intranet platform on the cloud, i.e., on internet-hosted computer servers, is essential to allow employees to work remotely smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

A cloud-based intranet solution like Microsoft 365 is ideal for promoting hybrid work. It includes a web version of the main office software (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and offers online storage. Employees can thus share, store, and edit documents together, even when they work in different locations.

#7 An Intranet Facilitating Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge is an asset upon which a company can capitalize to enhance its offerings and stand out from the competition. To make knowledge a lever for performance, the organization must facilitate internal knowledge sharing and dissemination. This is one of the key functions of a modern intranet platform.

In 2024, the Digital Workplace claims its indispensable role in knowledge management. An intranet solution like Mozzaik365, for example, offers a contribution assistance feature and document templates, allowing employees to effortlessly create content (SharePoint pages, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), along with an Employee Directory, highly useful for quickly finding an internal expert with the desired knowledge.

A major intranet trend of 2024, artificial intelligence also plays a role in knowledge sharing. Thanks to the "Ask Microsoft" function, based on OpenAI, Teams users can ask questions directly in their Teams messaging and receive quick and reliable answers. Moreover, when the AI cannot find an answer within the Digital Workplace, it automatically forwards the request to the competent internal expert.

#8 Audience Segmentation Becomes Essential

Internal audience segmentation is expected to be a prominent trend in 2024 regarding intranets. This is because, according to a study commissioned by OpenText and conducted by 3Gem in 2022, 40% of French employees believe that poor information management affects their mental well-being at work. Therefore, there is an urgent need to implement more targeted internal communication to combat information overload in the workplace.

Effective solutions already exist. A modern intranet platform, such as Mozzaik365 or MODA, allows internal communication and HR to communicate news, job offers, events, and content only to interested populations. Employees receive only useful content that they can calmly digest. Information overload is thus avoided. Moreover, employees receive important information reliably. As a result, the quality of internal communication and the functioning of the company are improved.

#9 A Modern Intranet Facilitating Search

According to a study conducted by American software publisher Abbyy, 95% of employees lose up to 8 hours per week searching for information. Thanks to the latest intranet trends, this scourge should not persist. The Digital Workplace of 2024 must indeed facilitate the search for documents, information, discussions, or contacts.

With its customizable search filters, search suggestions, and live search results display functionality, the search engine of the Mozzaik365 intranet already addresses this challenge. Thanks to it, employees can search (and find!) information, pages, or files throughout their Microsoft365 environment, all very simply and in just a few moments.

#10 Gamification Takes Over the Digital Workplace 

Gamification has been flourishing in the workplace for a few years now. And for good reason, the use of game mechanics in a professional context has numerous benefits. It can promote learning, strengthen internal cohesion, improve the dissemination of corporate culture, facilitate the onboarding of new employees, and, more generally, increase employee engagement.

In 2024, the Digital Workplace embraces this phenomenon of gamifying work. For instance, the Mozzaik365 intranet includes a "top contributors" feature that highlights the most proactive employees in a SharePoint space.

Moreover, the Microsoft365 environment, which our solutions are integrated with, offers numerous tools to make work more enjoyable and engaging. For example, the Microsoft Whiteboard allows organizing interactive, colorful, and visual team games directly in your Microsoft Teams meetings.

10 Intranet Trends to Absolutely Know in 2024: Final Words 

Becoming indispensable in the context of the rise of hybrid work and digital transformation of companies, the modern intranet continues to evolve to meet the new challenges of organizations. The latest intranet trends do not deviate from this objective.

In 2024, the AI-powered Digital Workplace will therefore focus on hyper-personalization, mobile accessibility, integration with collaborative tools, Data Visualization, Cloud hosting, knowledge sharing, audience segmentation, intelligent search, and gamification.

Would you like to discover how Mozzaik365 and MODA integrate the major intranet trends of 2024? Click here to request a demonstration.

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