August 17, 2023

6 ideas to liven up your teams this summer with Mozzaik365



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Entertaining your teams this summer is an excellent way to strengthen cohesion & stimulate creativity.

Summer is here, and with it, the perfect opportunity to inject a breath of fresh air and dynamism into your teams. Whether you're working in a company, association or any other professional context, bringing your teams to life this summer is an excellent way of strengthening cohesion, stimulating creativity and fostering motivation.  

In this article, we suggest 6 original ideas to energize your teams and make this summer unforgettable for everyone! And, as a bonus, we give you some ideas for Mozzaik365 components to insert into your SharePoint intranet to help you do just that.

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Organize an outdoor team-building day:

There's nothing like getting out of the office to strengthen the bonds between your team members. Take advantage of the warm weather to organize an outdoor team-building day. Choose fun, collaborative activities such as team games, sporting challenges or group puzzles. These activities will enable your employees to get to know each other better, develop mutual trust and strengthen their team spirit.

💡 The Mozzaik365 "Events" component lets you organize and promote your events, like this team-building day. Perfect for making sure none of your employees miss out on the news!

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6 idea to liven up your teams

Set up summer challenges:

Offer your teams summer challenges to take up throughout the season. For example, you could create a sports challenge where teams compete in friendly volleyball, petanque or running competitions. Or you could launch a creative challenge, where each team has to complete an original project related to your business sector. These challenges will stimulate positive competitiveness, creativity and initiative.

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Organize personal development workshops:

Summer is the ideal time for your teams to recharge their batteries and develop new skills. Offer personal development workshops focusing on stress management, communication, public speaking and time management. These workshops will contribute to everyone's personal fulfillment, while reinforcing your employees' professional skills.

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Set up a day dedicated to volunteering:

Encourage a spirit of solidarity within your teams by organizing a day dedicated to volunteering. Choose a cause that's close to your employees' hearts and get them involved together to support it. Whether by organizing a fund-raising event, taking part in activities with local associations, or performing community service, this enriching experience will strengthen the bonds between your teams while enabling them to make a positive difference in the community.

💡 The Mozzaik365 "Ideas box" component can be useful for this kind of initiative. It gives a voice to your employees, who can propose and vote for the cause they wish to support.

Summer : How to liven up your teams

Launch a summer photo contest:

Set up a summer photo competition within your company or organization. Encourage your teams to capture the highlights of their summer, whether during company activities or their own personal vacations. Reward the best photos with prizes such as gift vouchers for leisure activities. This competition will encourage creativity and team spirit, while creating unforgettable memories.  

An idea for a photo competition? If you have corporate goodies (t-shirts, mugs, totebags...), ask your employees to take a photo of themselves with the goodie in front of a historic monument, during their vacation.

💡 The Mozzaik365 "Focus" component is very useful for this photo contest! It takes the form of a frame, which displays text as well as a call-to-action button that redirects the user to the right information. Ideal for disseminating important information to your employees, you can add a CTA linking to the place where you'd like contest participants to submit their photos in SharePoint.

Organize a festive evening:

End the summer season on a high note by organizing a festive evening to celebrate your teams' successes and thank everyone for their contributions. Choose a pleasant, friendly venue, prepare entertaining entertainment, and offer a varied menu to suit all tastes. This relaxed, convivial evening will allow your staff to relax, strengthen ties and start the new school year with energy and enthusiasm!

💡 The Mozzaik365 "News" component is also a good solution for highlighting a festive evening. Simply create a SharePoint article with all the information about the event so that it appears in your company's latest news. With News, you can be sure that no one will forget the event.

To conclude

During the summer months, there's often less going on in the news, and business activity slows down as some employees enjoy their vacations. However, rather than seeing this period as a slump, it can be an ideal opportunity to innovate and strengthen collaboration within your company.

By organizing outdoor activities, stimulating challenges, personal development workshops, solidarity actions, fun competitions and a festive evening, you'll create an environment conducive to the personal and professional development of your employees. United and committed teams are the key to success for the future of your company or organization. So go on, have a memorable summer!

Mozzaik365 components are available to help you liven up your summer: my events, suggestion box, survey... Make the most of these tools to strengthen team cohesion and build strong bonds between your employees.

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