November 21, 2023

A Resounding Success at the Mozzaik365 French Partner Summit



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French Partner Summit 2023

Mozzaik365 held its first French Partner Summit!

It is with immense joy that we look back on our Mozzaik365 French Partner Summit held on November 9, 2023.

This memorable day was a resounding success, and we want to express our deep gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to its success!

The event, intended for all our French partners, took place in our new premises, located in Saint-Lazare, in the heart of Paris.

A Rich Program of Discoveries

The day began with a dive into Mozzaik365's vision, highlighting the next steps for our company and our partners. We also showcased our latest product innovations, generating excitement and interest from all.

One of the highlights of the afternoon was the exclusive presentation of our new Partner Program, specially designed to meet the needs and aspirations of our partners. This initiative was warmly welcomed!

Celebrating the Successes of Our Partners

The purpose of this event was also to pay tribute to our partners who demonstrated remarkable collaboration and exceptional performance throughout the year.

A Festive Cocktail Dinner to Extend Networking

To end the afternoon on a high note, we organized a cocktail dinner. This gave partners the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and strengthen their professional relationships in a warm atmosphere.

A Brief Photo Recap

A big thank you to all our partners

We want to sincerely thank all Mozzaik365 partners who participated in this event. Your presence made this day unforgettable, and your continued commitment is the reason for our mutual success.

For those who couldn't join us this time, don't worry; we plan for future events. We hope to have you with us at our upcoming gatherings!

We are proud of the strong and dynamic partner community we have built, and we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you!

Once again, a big thank you to everyone, and see you next year for the #2024Mozzaik365FrenchPartnerSummit

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