March 25, 2024

What are the best HR tools ?



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Discover the best tools necessary for effective human resource management. From talent management systems to performance evaluation software, optimize your HR processes.

According to the study "What HR Really Expects from Their Tools" conducted by Empowill, 51% of companies with fewer than 500 employees do not have an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) software, and 49% of SMEs are not satisfied with their HR tools. At the same time, there is a constant modernization of the human resources function, notably characterized by the digitalization of tools.

Companies are undeniably in demand for effective solutions… without always knowing which ones to turn to.

What are the best HR tools on the market ?

What is an HR software?

An HR software is a digital tool that allows the optimization and automation of human resource functions within the company. It can cover all HR aspects, such as recruitment, training, payroll, or performance evaluations (referred to as HRIS, for Human Resources Information System) or target a specific task. For example, there are software specifically dedicated to recruitment processes.

The multiplicity of tasks that HR services must carry out today requires adequate tools. Regardless of their form, these tools allow data centralization and exploitation, automating the most time-consuming tasks, and, overall, optimizing the organization of the service.

Implementing various HR tools your company practices

Talent management systems

A talent management system is software that oversees key talent management processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, training, performance analysis, or compensation. The various processes and functionalities of the software are generally provided via modules. Companies thus have the possibility of adding additional functionalities, according to their specific needs.

The use of such software has several advantages:

  • Increased recruitment efficient, as it is more targeted;
  • Better talent identification within the company;
  • Skill development,
  • Employee retention, as they benefit from better skill tracking.

Our selection of tools


This strategic talent management software has an intuitive interface and offers a smooth user experience. Its advanced data analysis features allow companies to make relevant decisions regarding talent management (integration, development, etc.). However, its high cost may represent a barrier for small businesses.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors stands out for its thorough selection of modules covering the entire employee lifecycle. Its ability to be easily integrated with other SAP applications makes it an excellent choice for larger companies. However, its complexity may require extensive training.


Paycor is a unique and centralized platform that offers a large range of services covering payroll, time management, human resources, skills development, etc. It is regularly updated to maintain compliance with the latest regulations.

Recruitment and applicant tracking software

It's no secret: recruitment processes are a key challenge for companies and an essential pillar of their strategy. In this context, the implementation of recruitment software allows the optimization of the cycle, including candidate tracking and hiring processes. This type of solution generally offers an interface that centralizes all the collected CVs and allows appointment scheduling with candidates with a few clicks (interview management), while managing received applications. Additional features include the multicasting of job offers on dozens of websites or CV sorting automation.

Recruitment and applicant tracking allows an effective automation of the candidate selection process, speeding up recruitment and candidate management. However, relying completely on automated CV filtering, these tools may overlook qualified candidates. Moreover, excessive use of automating tools can sometimes lead to the negligence of the human dimension of recruiting processes.

Our selection of tools


This French software offers a number features: job offers multicasting, ads drafting, centralizing and tracking applications, creating talent pools… It processes over 4 million CVs every year!

Its intuitive interface makes it an easy-to-use tool. As a bonus, all data is hosted in France !


Greenhouse's Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provides a full visibility into the company's recruitment process, enabling collaboration between teams. It stands out for its flexibility and the customizability of recruitment processes according to the organization's specific needs.

Online learning platforms

Just like hiring processes, continuous training is a significant challenge for companies. Fortunately, in recent years, many online learning platforms have emerged to meet the needs and goals of mentors (and employees). These are also called Learning Management Systems (LMS).

This type of software automates tedious tasks, such as statistics processing, grading, and report generation. The key takeaway is an optimized training path.

Online learning platforms offer increased flexibility, allowing learners to access educational content anytime, anywhere. However, the quality of learning varies depending on the platforms, presenting risks such as the lack of interaction and personalized feedback.

Our selection of tools


This cloud-based LMS (Learning Management System) is easy to use, offers minimalist features (courses on-demand, advanced reports, etc.), allowing course creation in a few clicks. It also has the ability to be fully customized to reflect the company's identity.

SAP Litmos

Litmos is one of the leaders in the e-learning market. The solution is addressed to both large and small businesses. It is particularly appreciated by companies that want to offer video training to employees. One of its strengths: video courses are quickly and easily uploaded by mentors, whether they are in they are onsite or remote. Litmos is indeed accessible online as a SaaS.

💫 To go further, discover Viva Learning, the future of corporate learning

Time and attendance management systems

Are you spending hours every week managing payroll and reviewing time sheets? For some companies (and employees in charge of these tasks), these tasks are generally time-consuming and quite tedious. With a time management software, these necessary administrative tasks can be automated and simplified. This also eliminates the risk of errors and ensures compliance with tax regulations.

Time and attendance management systems thus assure a better productivity when managing HR and task planning. However, these systems do not always reflect the quality of the work provided accurately.

Our selection of tools


This tool offers a complete HR solution, with a user-friendly interface. Its strengths include the ability to effectively track work time, leave, and overtime, while integrating this data into the overall human resource management system. Advanced analytical reports allow managers to make informed decisions about employee schedules.


Recently acquired by QuickBooks, TSheets stands out for its ability to track time accurately, whether employees work on-site or remotely. Its tight integration with other QuickBooks solutions also simplifies payroll management and invoicing of worked time.

Performance evaluation software

Performance evaluation software allows companies to measure, analyze, and optimize their employees' performances. They provide a centralized platform for collecting data, evaluating employees' productivity, and identifying areas for improvement.

With features including interactive dashboards and detailed reports, these software offer increased visibility into individual and collective performance. They allow the increased precision and efficiency in the management of employees, and improve the identification of the best talents, and decision-making. However, they do not replace human evaluation from the field.

Our selection of tools


Lattice offers a number of features such as goal setting, individual meetings, and 360-degree evaluations. Advanced analytical reports help companies access important indicators of employee performance. The only downside is its relatively high priced, which may exclude smaller businesses.


This performance management software stands out for its employee-centered approach, favoring communication and regular feedback. Features such as SMART goals, weekly updates, and quick surveys facilitate collaboration and performance tracking. Integrating 15Five to other HR management tools can represent a considerable advantage.


An intranet is an internal communication network that provides information to all members of the network (here, the employees of a company). As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, it holds great significance as it enables the centralization of all necessary data and information in the daily operations of employees. In doing so, it facilitates communication, collaboration, and engagement. A clear takeaway: nowadays, it is difficult to work without it!

An intranet provides a centralized platform for internal communication, information sharing, and collaboration within a company. However, the implementation of such a tool can be costly and require significant resources.

Tools like Mozzaik365 allow for the creation of customized, dynamic, and intuitive Digital Workplaces.

🏋️ To delve deeper, explore our comprehensive guide on intranets.

Payroll and Administrative Management Software

It's a staple of HR software. Payroll and administrative management solutions simplify payroll processes, reduce the risk of errors in calculations, and better manage employee benefits. Few companies can afford to do without them today!

Payroll and administrative management software automate all complex processes related to employee compensation. However, they can be costly and challenging to maintain. Moreover, dependence on automation can sometimes lead to errors if the initial data is incorrect.

Our selection of tools

ADP France

Undoubtedly one of the most well-known. ADP is a tool that manages payroll, human resources, and time tracking. It caters to businesses of all sizes. The solution offers all necessary features (automated payroll processing, generation of pay slips, integration with HR administration, etc.), and additionally provides time and activity management features.


This payroll management software focuses on ease of use. It offers an intuitive interface that simplifies the payroll process, even for less experienced users. It supports all necessary functionalities and also allows employees to access their payroll information through their personal interface. However, note that Gusto may not offer all the necessary features to meet complex payroll and compliance needs. Nonetheless, it remains an excellent option for small and medium-sized businesses.

HR Data Analysis Solutions

HR departments have a vast amount of data. With this type of solution, it's not just about collecting them but also analyzing and using them in strategic decision-making.

HR data analysis solutions allow for the definition of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measurement tools, such as gender parity or turnover rate, for example. The software then automates calculations and regularly analyzes company data to provide insights on specific subjects. It also verifies the alignment between resources and tasks required to achieve objectives.

These solutions offer in-depth visibility into trends and key indicators related to human resources, facilitating decision-making. However, setting up such a solution may require specialized data analysis skills and raise some issues related to privacy and data protection.

Our selection of tools


This tool offers a dashboard that brings together all performance indicators in one place. It offers numerous integrations with Adobe Analytics, Salesforce, Google Analytics, Hubspot, and many more. Among its strengths are the customization of dashboards to meet specific company needs and the ability to trigger real-time alerts to monitor performance.


Factorial is an efficient and user-friendly platform that allows for the creation of customized dashboards and tracking of indicators in real-time. It is then possible to generate customized HR reports. Factorial offers many other features, such as electronic document management, company org charts, or an HR portal for employees.

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