November 2, 2023

The 13 widgets to urgently integrate in order to create a personal Dashboard in Teams



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Beyond its basic functionalities, Microsoft Teams offers a significant opportunity to businesses: the ability to create Dashboards.

What is a Personalized Dashboard?

Defining the Personal Dashboard

A Dashboard is a centralized interface that allows users to access a company's resources from a single location. Users can personalize it to include all the necessary resources they require: tools, applications, specific content (such as daily tasks, targeted news, etc.).

The aim of such a Dashboard is to facilitate information sharing and navigation across different company tools through a simple and customized interface for the user.

In essence, a Dashboard is composed of various dynamic cards. Behind this term lie interactive elements that can be integrated into a web page or an application to provide a particular functionality. This could include a dropdown menu, a button, a task list, and more.

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Advantages of the Personalized Dashboard

The advantages of a Dashboard are numerous. Here's a non-exhaustive list:

  • Centralization of information, facilitating better circulation and increased sharing.
  • Improved employee productivity due to easier access to company resources.
  • Enhanced internal communication.
  • Increased collaboration among teams.
  • Higher engagement with company publications (articles, social media content, etc.).

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How to Create a Personalized Dashboard on Teams?

Viva Connections is a Microsoft solution that enables the creation of personalized Dashboards for employees. It comprises a dashboard providing swift access to company resources.

The dashboard uses dynamic cards known as Adaptive Cards, allowing employees to interact and perform operations such as accessing training materials, reviewing payroll information, or booking a shuttle. It can also be utilized as a WebPart component on SharePoint home sites, enabling access to all the functionalities of Teams and SharePoint.

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Going further with the MODA Dashboard

MODA is a Microsoft Teams application that complements Viva Connections. With this application, you can take further steps to create and personalize Dashboards with just a few clicks. Whether you aim to enhance internal communication, consolidate business resources and tools into a single interface, or facilitate the onboarding of new team members, MODA can meet your expectations.

In contrast to Viva Connections, MODA does not require advanced configurations; it can be directly customized by the user. This allows users to integrate any widgets of their choice. Here are the main differences between MODA and Viva Connections:

Moda vs Viva Connections
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The 13 MODA Widgets to Integrate into a Dashboard in Teams

My Profile

Displays the user's profile, including: photo, job title, department, and location. The "Update" button allows quick updating of information if needed.

My Emails

Shows the user's emails in real-time. The "See All" button redirects to Outlook, enabling quick and easy access to all messages.

My Tasks

Displays all tasks assigned to the user in Planner, To Do, or Outlook. Users can monitor their workflow and mark tasks as completed.

My News

Shows the latest company news. It's possible to target the audience to ensure information reaches relevant individuals.

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The "Newcomers widget presents all individuals recently joining the company, utilizing data from Microsoft Azure. It serves as a means to circulate information and connect new employees with existing colleagues.

My Meetings

This component displays the user's upcoming meetings and events. The "See All" button redirects to the Outlook calendar, eliminating the need to spend time searching for information.

News Hub

The News Hub feature integrates external communications (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and RSS feeds into the company's intranet. This enables employees to follow and share all their communications directly from their Dashboard.

My Summary

"My Summary" displays a summary of tasks and activities scheduled for the day. Ideal for improving employees' organization and boosting their productivity.

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My Files

This widget provides a quick view of the user's recently accessed files without needing to leave Teams.

Quick Links

Quick Links enable users to add their favorite links (work tools, sites, applications) for rapid and easy access.


This component consolidates various useful links to guide users to the right pages efficiently.


The anniversaries widget displays the dates of employee birthdays, allowing everyone to remember and celebrate these events.

My Events

This component showcases the company's events in the user's interface within SharePoint. Clicking on an event provides access to its details and allows it to be added to the Outlook calendar with a single click.

Examples of Teams Dashboards with MODA

Here are a few examples of Dashboards you can create with MODA, each falling into a specific category.

Example 1 : Productivity

MODA productivity dashboard

Example 2 : HR (Onboarding)

MODA onboarding dashboard

Example 3 : Internal communication

MODA internal communication dashboard


The personalized MODA Dashboards complement your intranet, allowing you to further enhance your Digital Workplace! With this unique and entirely customized interface, employees can swiftly and easily access all company resources, including those within your intranet.

The advantage lies in their ability to integrate numerous components (widgets), each corresponding to a specific functionality, enabling the creation of a space entirely tailored to their preferences and needs.

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