September 10, 2018

3 good reasons to implement your projects with the Modern SharePoint experience



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I offer you 3 good reasons to realize your projects with the Modern SharePoint experience.

3 good reasons to implement your projects with the Modern SharePoint experience

by Aurélien NEYRAND, Practice Manager Collaborative Experience at Infeeny

3 good reasons for SharePoint experience

SharePoint in its Classic version has been around for many years. I had the opportunity to start with the WSS 2.0 version, and I have been lucky enough to see the product evolve over a decade.

After several years of working in the design and implementation of Intranet(s) and Digital Workplace, I have come to the following conclusion: The adoption of SharePoint by webmasters is often difficult. We regularly hear that " WordPress is much easier to learn " or " how to add a component simply in a page? SharePoint it's slow". The traditional SharePoint experience needs to end and be replaced by a version that is in tune with user expectations, one that is designed for webmasters and ambassadors.
If you are about to launch a Digital Workplace or Collaborative Spaces project in SharePoint, you are probably wondering if this new version is finalized and ready for global deployment. You have probably started to compare the two versions. So to help you with this task, I offer you 3 good reasons to implement your projects directly with the Modern SharePoint experience.

  • Ergonomics: Gone are the Master Pages, the Page Templates and welcome the Sections. This layout will now allow you to position your components in a modular way. You will have to make concessions on certain graphic aspects, mainly on the banner, but with a judicious choice of components and colours you will do wonders. You can modify the banner graphically by using extensions, but beware of excessive customisation which could have a negative impact on the loading of your pages. Also, don't forget the waterline and the risk of piling up too much horizontal information that could disturb the balance and readability of your content. Don't hesitate to take a look at the Office UI Fabric to use grids in Adobe XD, they will greatly facilitate your graphic creations.
  • Performance: This new version brings a set of graphical and functional novelties, but also a set of technical optimizations allowing to significantly lighten the loading of your pages. The technical debt linked to the structure of the pages of the old versions is history. When you know that the response time of a page is a high expectation of users, this is clearly a reason to turn to the "Modern" version. Use the latest diagnostic tool to see for yourself.
  • Adoption by your ambassadors: This is probably the most important point. Take care of your ambassadors! The lack of knowledge of the tool and understanding of collaborative uses has too often led to the association of "SharePoint" with "gas factory". Remember last month when your purchasing manager wanted to create a simple workflow with 6 levels of approvals, 3 sequenced forms and 12 email notifications? Were you going to do it with SharePoint Designer? With InfoPath? What a mistake! At the risk of disappointing many, SharePoint in its classic version is rarely the right medium to build business applications with complex management rules. On the other hand, the "Modern" version can easily take advantage of solutions that are still unknown in IT departments, but which are extremely effective, such as PowerApps or Flow. The simplicity of the new SharePoint interface coupled with the depth of these tools will reassure your business departments, the main sponsors in the digitalisation of your working environment.

For my part, the choice is already made, I #GOMODERN

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