May 25, 2022

5 key benefits of digital communication in-house



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Digital technology is thus becoming a choice lever for federating, informing and engaging teams.

For companies, there are numerous benefits of internal digital communication. Digital tools provide a targeted response to the main internal communication challenges facing organizations.

Applications, and even more so the Digital Workplace are thus becoming the levers of choice for uniting, informing, motivating and engaging teams, well beyond the context of hybrid work.

Want to know more about the benefits of digital for your corporate communication? Mozzaik presents 5 benefits of internal digital communication for your organization.

Read the following carefully!

1. Why implement digital communication internally?

The traditional tools of internal communication are of course still of interest, such as the paper internal newsletter, the 3D notice board, face-to-face information meetings or the printed welcome brochure.

Nevertheless, in a context where hybrid work is becoming commonplace, internal communication materials distributed on site through physical devices must be supplemented by other digital tools, which are more accessible remotely.

It is impossible to reach all members of the organization - at headquarters, in the branches, in the field and at a distance - with a message pinned to a noticeboard or a face-to-face briefing.

Fortunately, digital internal communication tools have been part of the human resources managers' and internal communication officers' toolbox for several years.

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Accessible from any screen, intranets, corporate social networks (CSNs), newsletters and more recently, collaborative work tools, internal listening software and digital workplaces are revolutionizing internal communication.

Their promise: to facilitate top-down communication through better targeting and accessibility of information; but also to create new opportunities for bottom-up and cross-cutting communication.

Does this sound interesting to you? Let's explore the benefits of digital internal communication in more detail.

2. The benefits of digital for your internal communication

In terms of internal communication, digital transformation generates many benefits for the company. Here are the main ones:

Benefit 1: Strengthening team commitment

The first benefit of digital internal communication is its ability to strengthen employee commitment.

Tools such as the Microsoft Yammer corporate social network (CSN) allow every employee to have a voice in the organization.

Through the CSR, each individual, whether working at headquarters, in the field, in a subsidiary or at home, has a similar level of interaction. All members of the company are also able to interact with their colleagues and management, by posting comments or publishing content. The feeling of being listened to and of being able to play an active part in the joint project strengthens the loyalty and attachment of employees to their company.

5 internal communication benefits

But that's not all. Digital internal communication tools also make it possible to develop a real Employee Advocacy strategy. With the Mozzaik365 Digital Workplace's Social Networking Wall, for example, employees can "like" and share in one click a publication issued by their company on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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Benefit 2: Creating a strong corporate culture

Digital technology also helps to develop a strong corporate culture.

For example, setting up an internal newsletter or an intranet in the company ' s colors is an excellent way of promoting the company's values to its teams .

With these digital tools, internal communication managers can create and distribute engaging content to employees: internal news, blog articles, corporate videos or infographics, while targeting the right messages to the right people. These employees can then access the content dedicated to them without getting lost in a mass of information. A real time and productivity saver!

The icing on the cake is that a solution such as Mozzaik365's Digital Workplace can be used to design a bespoke interface that reflects the visual identity of the organization. Ideal for developing a differentiating and engaging digital work environment.

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Benefit 3: Facilitating access to information

According to an INside-OpinionWay survey, in 2018 , 1 in 3 French employees felt uninformed and 20% of employees said they did not have the information they needed to do their job. But luckily, digital tools are providing solutions to these major internal communication problems.

For example, Mozzaik365 offers various features designed to facilitate access to information. Thanks to the "My feeds" component, each employee can, for example, subscribe to the themes that interest them and see the associated content appear on their personalized news wall.

In addition, thanks to its contribution and audience targeting features, Mozzaik365 allows you to create impactful content and distribute it to the right people at the right time.

A real plus for internal communication!

Benefit 4: Increasing productivity and well-being at work

Quality of life at work is a key issue for companies and their employees, especially in the wake of the health crisis.

According to a survey carried out in 2020 by IFOP, 81% of employees consider that well-being at work is a priority issue within their company. Moreover, according to a study published in 2019 by Oxford University, employees are 13% more productive when they are happy. Improving working conditions is therefore a win-win calculation.

Did you know this? Digital internal communication can contribute to improving the well-being of employees and increasing their productivity.

And for good reason, good internal communication helps to create a climate of trust in which your employees can feel good and want to participate in the life of your company. Once this environment of well-being has been established, your employees will be better able to pass on information. Their investment and their work are thus valued and contribute to increasing your company's productivity.

On the other hand, companies need to collect information from the field and feedback from their employees. By encouraging employees to interact in communities, participate in satisfaction surveys and polls, you can analyze the results and take action.  

Mozzaik365 helps in this sense to set up a bottom-up communication flow, thanks to its Poll and Idea Box features

Benefit 5: Adapting to hybrid working

Finally, digital internal communication has the advantage of simplifying the adoption of hybrid work, which has become essentially both because of the health and environmental crisis and because of employees' expectations.  

According to a Citrix study published in 2021, 42% of respondents said that if they were to change companies, they would only accept a new job if they could telework or take advantage of flexible working options.

In a context of the fight for talent, the shift to hybrid working and the optimization of the employee experience in a teleworking situation is no longer an option.

Fortunately, digital technology provides solutions here too.

Whether working from offices, factories and shops or from the comfort of their home office, employees now have the ability to access information and interact with colleagues smoothly.

Many digital internal communication tools can be accessed from a computer, but also via a smartphone (ideal for communicating with teams in the field), a tablet or even a television set, for a "physical" device.

In addition, digital solutions facilitate and optimize face-to-face meetings, which are still essential for many.

To this end, the Mozzaik365 Digital Workplace offers, among other things, an events manager, which allows you to quickly plan friendly "real life" meetings.  

The Microsoft Teams collaborative communication application makes it easy to hold hybrid meetings, with participants in the same location and others who are not.

In concrete terms, with the Microsoft Teams hybrid workspace, it is possible to organize a large professional gathering and interact simultaneously with all your colleagues, in person or remotely, wherever they are in the world.

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3. How does the Digital Workplace help companies in their digital internal communication?

In France, a good number of employers, sensitive to the virtues of digital, have begun the digital transformation of their internal communication.

However, human resources managers and internal communication officers are still struggling to transmit information in an effective and targeted manner. Moreover, they note that certain digital tools, such as the intranet or the corporate social network (CSN), are underused.

Thus, while 68% of companies have an internal social network, only 1 in 3 employees claim to have access to a CSR and only 24% of respondents say they use it every day.

The causes of this dislike are probably to be found in the multiplication of digital tools and, above all, in the obstacles encountered by employees in switching from one to the other.

And for good reason: it is difficult to navigate between the news feed of a CSR, the company's intranet or the messaging of a collaborative communication application when these devices are not interconnected.

Fortunately, the Digital Workplace provides a suitable answer to this problem. It is indeed the best way to enjoy all the benefits mentioned above.

This harmonized digital working environment meets the needs of HR, communication managers and IT departments through a seamless user experience.  

Mozzaik365, a natural extension of Microsoft Sharepoint, promotes internal communication by offering an intuitive interface that centralizes all the digital tools adopted by the company (Sharepoint, Outlook, Teams, Yammer, Tasks, Whiteboard, etc.) and allows the creation of beautiful customized intranets in SharePoint 365.

Even better, Mozzaik365's Digital Workplace offers features specifically designed to boost internal communication such as the customized news wall, perfect for targeting information distribution, and the HR intranet, designed to meet all HR needs.

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Conclusion: the Digital Workplace, an essential lever in your internal digital communication strategy

As you can see, there are many benefits to digital internal communication.

Digital tools help to strengthen employee commitment, team cohesion and corporate culture. But that is not all. They are also a privileged lever for improving the transmission of information and adopting hybrid work.

The Digital Workplace is the queen of applications and completes your digital internal communication system. The digital work environment offers an optimal employee experience thanks to the integration and interconnection of all features useful to stakeholders.

The result is better information flow, engaging communication and seamless use. A must.

Things to remember

The key benefits of internal communication are :

📌 Strengthening team commitment;

📌 Creating a strong corporate culture;

📌 Facilitating access to information ;

📌 Increasing productivity and well-being at work;

📌 Adapting to hybrid work.

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