Applications for Teams
: 11 tools to integrate urgently

Rapidly becoming indispensable with the rise of teleworking, the Microsoft Teams application is the collaborative working tool par excellence.

With its many features, Teams makes teamwork easy - whether you're in person or working from home. In this article, we summarize the applications for Teams that you should urgently install to make the most of this collaborative tool!

What is Microsoft Teams?

A reminder πŸ‘‡

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication application for employees, operating in SaaS mode (in other words, no installation on the client company's servers is required to use it and the data is stored on your Microsoft Cloud server). Its goal: to facilitate internal communication and collaborative work thanks to several functionalities gathered within the same platform: instant messaging and creation of discussions (public or private), storage and exchange of files with SharePoint, audio and video calls, planning of meetings, etc.

But the value of Microsoft Teams does not end there. Numerous collaborative tools can be added to Teams and allow this application to be used to its full potential. Project management (Asana, Trello, Jira, etc), customer relations (Salesforce, Zendesk,etc), data analysis (PowerBI)... The list of tools to integrate with Microsoft Teams to boost its efficiency is quite long! In this article, we detail our 11 favorite collaborative applications.

11 applications to integrate into Microsoft Teams urgently

Let's discover together the 11 applications to integrate in Microsoft Teams to work together better!

Microsoft Forms

As the name suggests, the Microsoft Forms application allows you to create polls, surveys or questionnaires in an intuitive way - and, of course, to collect responses. This tool is particularly useful when it comes to creating customer satisfaction surveys and contact forms, but there's more! Microsoft Forms also allows you to survey your teams' satisfaction or to obtain their opinion on a given subject in a few clicks. Practical, for taking the temperature remotely and including your employees in the decision-making process!

Microsoft Planner, the task manager

The Microsoft Planner application promotes teamwork in an intuitive and collaborative way. How does it do this? By allowing your teams to plan their tasks, organize their projects, set deadlines, share files, etc. A bit like Asana or Trello! This task manager also allows you to obtain regular follow-up on the tasks in progress on a dashboard. The icing on the cake: Microsoft Planner integrates perfectly with Teams, as you can imagine!

An example of the Planner's use is the editorial calendar for social networks πŸ‘‡

Microsoft planner example
  • Categories: display your territories of expression and their level of importance in percentages on your page.
  • Ideas box: put all your ideas for posts and inspirations in it.
  • Draft: when you start writing a post, switch it to Draft.
  • In validation process / En validation: at this level, you can tag the person in charge of validating the post to send them a notification.
  • To Schedule: once the post is validated, you can put it in this tab before completing the task.

Mozzaik365 is not an application per se. It is a natural extension to SharePoint (also called a" Plug-in" or "Add-in"). Its role? To expand the possibilities of SharePoint to facilitate teamwork.

In practice, Mozzaik365 adds many internal communications, knowledge management and collaboration features to SharePoint. Our tool also allows you to add design elements to this intranet solution: a way for companies to create a Digital Workplace that looks like them.

The good news for Teams fans? Mozzaik365 is available in Teams and integrates with Viva Connections, one of the four Viva! Applications.

Application for Teams: Power BI

Making data talk: that's what this suite of software and applications is all about. The objective: to move from raw and disparate data to clear and intelligible visualizations. In other words, Power BI is a business intelligence solution for collecting, analyzing and visualizing data.
πŸ‘‰ To integrate this tool into Microsoft Teams, it's very simple: just add a Power Bi tab to your communication application! You can then embed Power BI reports in Teams and start conversations about it.

An example of Power BI usage: the dashboard Customer profitability

Power BI teams

In concrete terms, this dashboard makes it possible to :

  • Measuring a company's gross margin ;
  • Identify its number of customers and products;
  • Monitor the evolution of your turnover over the months;
  • Compare actual turnover with forecast turnover.


As its name suggests, Microsoft Stream is a video streaming solution. What makes it special? It allows the sharing of videos between teams and employees (whether for meetings, training, etc.). Basically, this corporate video service allows your employees to share videos (meetings, presentations, etc.) in complete security. A valuable ally in a context of extended teleworking, it improves internal communication and facilitates the sharing of knowledge and information.

πŸ‘‰ Integrating Stream into Teams is easy: just open a Stream tab in Teams and add it to the channel of your choice.


Microsoft365 Stream


Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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In the same spirit as Microsoft Forms, Polly allows you to create polls in your Teams conversations in a few clicks, thanks to a refined interface. Created especially for communication platforms such as Slack, Zoom or Teams, this tool is simple and guarantees instant responses. Polly's promise? To enable companies to make the right decisions by simply surveying their teams. A simple and effective way to give a voice to your employees!

Forms application : Polly


Karma, the original collaborative tool

It's fair to say that Karma is a bit of a standout. The concept? Distribute "good points" to your teammates to thank/congratulate them whenever the opportunity arises. Behind this offbeat approach lies a real issue: recognition at work. With Karma, sharing feedback and feelings becomes simple and fun. It can be a matter of congratulating a colleague on his or her presentation, praising the team spirit or the availability of a team member, etc. The quirky aspect of this tool also allows you to create links and share moments of complicity with your colleagues.

In practice πŸ‘‡

1 good karma point is worth one coin. The more good points you collect, the more coins you collect... Which ultimately allows you to unlock gifts (like a pizza, a movie ticket, a book...).

Team's collaborative tools


Automatically integrated into Teams channels, the Wiki tool can go unnoticed... However, it is not lacking in interest. This instant text editor makes it very easy to take quick notes. It is an excellent way to share knowledge within a company, as it is a collaborative text editor. Everyone in the Teams channel where the Wiki is located can view it and make changes. As you can see, the Teams Wiki is like a mini-Wikipedia: everyone can contribute!

Knowledge sharing tools


The objective of this young French start-up is to optimize internal collaboration processes within companies. Once integrated into Teams, nBold allows multiple people to manage all kinds of projects (calls for tender, crisis management, product launches, etc.).
In concrete terms, SalesTim allows you to optimize your virtual workspace and to :

  • Create ready-to-use document templates(new project, tender preparation, new product launch, etc);
  • Automate the creation of collaborative workspaces according to predefined structures;
  • Connect all team collaboration tools (Asana, Salesforce, Github, etc.) to these workspaces.
Internal collabortion tool for Teams


The promise of MyHub? To improve the employee experience by guaranteeing simple and fluid collaborative work for all. To do this, the application offers to group all Microsoft 365 workspaces in one place (including Teams, but also SharePoint, Yammer, etc.). By going directly to MyHub, employees can find the Teams and workspaces that concern them.


Enhance employee experience in Teams


Like Microsoft Planner, ScrumGenius is a task manager. This collaboration tool makes it possible to monitor the daily progress of teams via a dashboard and the Check-Ins carried out by the tool via a chat integrated into Teams (or Slack). A clever way to reduce unnecessary meetings and interruptions thanks to the principle of transparency. That's right: since ScrumGenius allows you to follow the progress of projects asynchronously, there's no need to organize meetings just to keep up to date!

πŸ’‘ Good to know

ScrumGenius can be integrated into Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex Teams, JIRA, Github...

Collaboration tool

Applications for Teams, in conclusion

Although not exhaustive, this selection of collaborative applications is enough to demonstrate that it is possible to get the most out of Microsoft Teams with the right tools. In addition to boosting the capabilities of Microsoft Teams, the centralization of tools also makes it easier to work collaboratively in the enterprise.

The more your collaboration software is centralized in one place, the more it will be used... And the more productive the company will be!

To discover more Teams tips or articles dedicated to the new work organization, please browse our blog.

Things to remember

πŸ“Œ Microsoft Teams is a collaborative working application;

πŸ“Œ Add applications to boost your productivity;

πŸ“Œ Include collaborators when selecting applications to add.




11 tools for Microsoft Teams

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