Community group

Create spaces for employees to exchange ideas on topics that are important to them.

The benefits of Mozzaik365

Centralize expertise

Create a community of practice to share the knowledge of experts and increase the skills of employees interested in these subjects.

Share your common interests

Offer communities of interest to connect employees around a common passion and foster their engagement.

Connect employees

Use communities of interest and practice to connect employees with each other, create a bond even at a distance and enhance their well-being.

Create a space dedicated to expertise

In a hybrid work context, being able to share expertise within a community is essential. By creating communities around specific interests and expertise, you create links between employees even if they are geographically distant. It is also a way to give employees a voice on issues that are important to them and to encourage their commitment.

It also allows them to increase their skills through collaboration with experts in a field. Finally, the knowledge is stored and the whole community can access it.

And also a space related to personal interests

Also in the context of hybrid work, continuing to create links is crucial. Every employee has interests, and sharing them with others is a way to connect employees with each other. In these communities of interest, they can chat, share content...

In this way, you maximize the well-being of remote employees and thus promote their commitment to the company.

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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Features for creating your community groups

Save, replicate and manage your templates to roll out your sites from a catalog

Formalize the company's structure into a clear, practical and easy to maintain directory.

Announce the arrival of new employees.

Insert a custom Yammer comment stream in the footer and in place of the native comments.

Help your employees share their ideas and vote on the most popular ones.

Engage your community by promoting contribution in the community.

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