February 16, 2023

Create a sexy intranet with SharePoint



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You are convinced of the usefulness of an intranet, but you wonder how to make it more sexy?

What is a SharePoint intranet?

A SharePoint intranet is an internal communication network, whose objective is to make information and websites available to all members of this network (typically: the employees of a company).

As its name suggests, a SharePoint intranet is an intranet based on SharePoint, a collaborative solution integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite. Its main advantage: communicate, share and edit documents and information without leaving the Microsoft environment. It is also interconnected with all the applications and plugins of the Microsoft 365 suite, which allow you to customize your intranet and make it a solution entirely adapted to your organization.

Did you know? The design of Sharepoint is inspired by the "Metro" style, which itself inherits the characteristics of the Swiss style, characterized by its sobriety. It is distinguished by a very simple and uncluttered iconography, which avoids anything unnecessary.

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Sexy social intranet

What is a sexy intranet?

If the term "sexy" is obviously not to be taken literally, it refers here to a modern, attractive, aesthetically pleasing intranet that offers a pleasant user experience.

Why is it important to have a sexy intranet? For various reasons:

  • Such an intranet allows employees to find their tools and access the information they are looking for in a few clicks, which leads to increased satisfaction and better performance;
  • It allows for a better flow of information between employees and facilitates their assimilation;
  • Through the user experience it provides, it makes employees want to use their intranet on a daily basis;
  • It improves the overall satisfaction of employees: their needs are met, and the means they need to perform their tasks are easily accessible.

What can SharePoint do as an intranet tool?

SharePoint (in its Online version) has many advantages as an intranet tool.

First, it offers cloud accessibility, which makes it much easier for users to work collaboratively. Users can create and manage team- and project-based websites together, and share documents and information with colleagues. In addition, SharePoint has advanced security features that authenticate users and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information. The result: peace of mind and increased productivity within the organization.

Another advantage is that all the company's tools are centralized, which allows employees to be more efficient. The social media option also offers employees the opportunity to communicate more easily with each other. Teams and key people can be linked together via the intranet so that information can be passed on more smoothly and quickly.

Overall, SharePoint allows you to create a pleasant, flexible and efficient work environment.

Some limitations must however be mentioned. SharePoint has graphical (especially in terms of customization) and functional limitations. This means that not all the communication and collaboration needs of a company will be covered by the basic features offered by Sharepoint.

Nevertheless, SharePoint remains a robust and reliable tool, which can be complemented by natural extensions that add functionality and graphical capabilities. All without compromising the security of the Microsoft 365 environment.

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What is the purpose of a sexy intranet?

Did you know. According to a study conducted by Zapier, 16% of young employees (which includes millennials and Generation Z) have left their jobs because they felt the technology provided by their employer was inadequate.

As a corollary, the companies which set up an intranet prove, on average, 7% more productive than those which do not have any collaborative tool. Enough to convince anyone of the utility of a pleasant and effective intranet, whose design and features will attract the users. And, even more, to encourage them to stay.

Indeed, the commitment of employees (defined as a feeling of attachment and loyalty to their company) has a large influence on their performance. The more satisfied they are with the tools and resources at their disposal, the better their daily work will be.

In fact, the analysis of the key performance indicators of your intranet will be useful: it will allow you to identify clear guidelines to improve your tool and ensure its proper evolution.

How to create sexy sharepoint intranet

SharePoint + Mozzaik365 = a sexy intranet

At Mozzaik365, we offer "webparts" (i.e. additional features) that allow you to go beyond the limits of SharePoint and create an intranet 100% integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite.

Also, by adding features to SharePoint, Mozzaik365 enriches and maximizes its potential.

A non-exhaustive list is provided below.

What are the features of a sexy intranet?

A sexy intranet is one that offers features that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are useful, fundamentally changing the user's perception of the intranet.

To achieve this, Mozzaik365 offers many features. Here are some of them:

  • Designer component, to unleash the limits of SharePoint and create beautiful pages with a graphic charter in the colors of the company, rounding and background images and transparency effects;
  • News gallery ;
  • News Hub (integration of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube..) ;
  • Suggestion Box;
  • Dashboard (My emails, My tasks,..)
  • Targeted communication by population;
  • Interactive image;
  • Special Interest Subscription;
  • Advanced search ;
  • Who's Who (to easily find an expert in a particular field, for example) ;

This list is of course not exhaustive! It's just an overview of what Mozzaik365 can bring to your Digital Workplace. It's up to you to determine which features are best suited to your organization and your goals. Indeed, an intranet must always be created according to the structure that implements it, and its target.

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As we have seen, SharePoint is the ideal tool to create intranets that are as aesthetic as they are practical. It can be enriched by the additional features offered by Mozzaik365, for a 100% customized, 100% secure and 100% efficient intranet. Ready to try the adventure? Contact one of our experts to request a demo!

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