Example of a company intranet: the different possible uses

The term "intranet" refers to a private computer network (also called " internal network ") set up by an organization (school, company, association, etc.). This online platform primarily facilitates the sharing of (often confidential) information and documents in a secure and fluid manner.
In other words, it is a tool that facilitates knowledge sharing by centralizing all knowledge in one place. An important ally for any company practicing hybrid work!

In this article, we detail the main features of an intranet and the different ways of using it.

Why set up an intranet solution in your company?

It is impossible to talk about the digital workspace or the Digital Workplace without talking about an intranet! But what are the main features of an intranet?

First and foremost, setting up a company intranet is a way of encouraging internal communication and transparency. How does it do this? By allowing employees to share key internal documents such as financial documents, meeting notes, presentations, etc. in a simple way.

💡 The right reflex: integrate a search engine into your intranet to facilitate the search for information.

  • By reducing employee search time and facilitating internal collaboration, the intranet optimizes work processes. This tool also makes document templates available to everyone in order to eliminate certain repetitive tasks. A simple way of boosting the efficiency of teams and making their task management more fluid!

  • Having an intranet portal also makes it possible to involve employees and ask for their opinions, for example by getting them to fill in surveys, forms, etc. With an intranet, employees also have the opportunity to update shared files regularly.

  • Internal mobility is also facilitated with this tool, which allows the company's latest job offers to be circulated in a few clicks.

  • In general, an intranet helps to strengthen the company culture and team cohesion. Indeed, this online platform offers employees the possibility of creating links by facilitating interaction (using a social space offering quizzes, instant messaging, etc.). It also allows for the promotion of internal company events, the announcement of new arrivals in the company, internal movements, etc.

☝️ Mozzaik365's advice. Do not hesitate to deploy an intranet that looks like you. It should reflect your values and embody your DNA - for example, by using your graphic universe.

Example of a corporate intranet: how to create good intranet content

Let's start with the obvious: good intranet content is first and foremost relevant - by which we mean "necessary". Avoid " communicating for the sake of communicating ": your employees' attention is precious. Your intranet should give them access to essential information.

In practice, intranet content should always serve a purpose. For example, it may be to promote a team or an employee by highlighting the success of a project. Another possible objective is to share company news by announcing the arrival or departure of an employee, a new measure implemented due to covid, etc.

Here are some good practices to know and implement:

  • The first thing to do when you want to optimize your internal communication is to make regular appointments to create and maintain employee interest. For example, choose a day dedicated to the publication of company news and stick to it! This advice also applies to the distribution of internal newsletters. The more you send out your communication at a specific time of the week, the more people will look forward to it.
  • Make sure that your content is attractive - both in terms of the content and the form of your message. Don't hesitate to ask the marketing experts in your team for advice. The more enjoyable your content is to read, the more interested and loyal your audience will be.

💡 In general, the user experience offered by the intranet portal should be ergonomic and pleasant. Our solution allows you to create a Digital Workplace that is fully integrated with your Microsoft 365 world.

  • Designed to encourage collaborative work, the intranet space is, by definition, a place for exchanges. As such, do not hesitate to propose interactive content that gives your teams the opportunity to interact with you. Communication should not be one-sided!

☝️ To remember! However practical it may be, an intranet is only really useful when it is used by the teams. Take the time to promote this tool to your employees with dedicated communication campaigns.

Example of a corporate intranet: the different possible uses

Knowledge management, internal communication or HR ... An intranet can have many different and complementary uses.

An HR intranet to facilitate collaboration

As mentioned above, the corporate intranet is an HR ally that facilitates the work of human resources. By creating a communication portal HR specific to your company, you will be able to :

  • Centralize all employee HR documentation in one place (employment contracts, payslips, personal documents, etc.).
  • Communicate on company events (seminars, conferences, farewell parties, company anniversaries, team lunches/dinners, workshops, etc.)

  • Promote internal job opportunities in order to encourage mobility within the company.
  • Highlight employees and promote team cohesion by distributing employee portraits, a company directory with photos, etc.

  • Facilitate the onboarding process by providing new recruits with all the necessary documentation via the intranet: administrative documents, documents concerning the company (guide to the company, its values, etc.), etc.

  • Centralize all collaboration tools and software available to employees on the intranet.

☝️ Mozzaik365 tip: if you lack inspiration, don't hesitate to openly ask your employees what content they would like to see on their intranet portal. Don't forget this golden rule: the more relevant the content, the more it is read!  

Example of an HR intranet

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A communication intranet for collective intelligence

Intrinsically linked to the HR function, corporate communication allows you to unite employees around common objectives, to engage them and to involve them in the life of the company. Offering your teams a communication intranet allows you to :

  • Share your company's news regularly (and allow them to react).

  • Targeting the populations that will receive this news, in order to improve the relevance of the messages sent. A way to get the right information to the right person at the right time. This allows communications to be delivered to the field.

  • Allow employees to subscribe to content that interests them. In this way, each employee can create his or her own news wall (also known as a "news hub ") by subscribing to the topics of their choice.

💡 The more your employees receive personalized communications that reflect their interests, the more they will use the intranet!

  • Provide employees with interactive content that allows them to interact with the company - through polls or quizzes, idea boxes, by inserting a Yammer (the corporate social network) comment stream, etc.

  • Aggregate the company's social networks within the intranet. In practice, this function makes it possible to integrate the latest content published on social networks, blogs, etc. into the company platform.

☝️ This feature is particularly useful when it comes to highlighting employee testimonials made on behalf of the company. A clever way of reinforcing an Employee Advocacy strategy (consisting of making employees ambassadors of the company to candidates or the general public).

Example of a communication intranet

An intranet to manage knowledge

Finally, having a collaborative platform makes it possible, more than anything else, to facilitate access to knowledge and to centralize it thanks to SharePoint - and this, regardless of where the employees work. More concretely, offering good electronic document management (EDM) to employees consists of :

  • Saving the company's accumulated internal knowledge in one place and make it accessible to all employees.

  • Involving employees by inviting them to edit/add to shared documents with a few clicks.

  • Enable everyone to showcase their expertise and to be called upon when needed - in particular through the introduction of a company trombinoscope that identifies the core business of each employee.
Example of a SharePoint intranet for knowledge management

🔎 To find out more about the challenges of knowledge management in companies, don't hesitate to consult our Webinar dedicated to Knowledge Management!

Example of a company intranet, the different possible uses, in conclusion

Here, in summary, are the main features of an intranet, which is a key element of any Digital Workplace. Of course, it is not mandatory (nor recommended) to use all these features. Depending on the needs of your company and its size, some features will be more relevant than others.

Generally speaking, the Digital Workplace is a valuable ally in boosting team productivity and saving time by centralizing knowledge and promoting internal collaboration. It is also an excellent support for strengthening your employer brand and teamwork.

Would you like to see what an intranet looks like and the different features that this online platform offers? Our teams are at your disposal to help you discover our Intranet solution and its various uses.

Mozzaik365 allows you to create the intranet that looks like you, according to your desires and needs, whatever the size and nature of your company. Ask for a demo!

Things to remember

📌 The implementation of an intranet helps to strengthen the corporate culture;

📌 The integrated tool should look like you, and meet your needs;

📌 Collaborators can help you select the tool to be integrated.



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