EDM (electronic document management)

Centralize knowledge and make it accessible to all employees with our SharePoint extension

The benefits of Mozzaik365

Enhance the value of know-how

Improve job satisfaction by giving everyone the opportunity to showcase their skills and be called upon when someone needs their expertise.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity by sharing best practices and safeguarding internal know-how in case of mobility

Make it easy to contribute

Expand your circle of contributors by offering an easily accessible, easy-to-use and easy-to-enhance EDM

Create a powerful DMS on SharePoint

In a hybrid work environment, improving the digital experience for both information-holding and information-seeking employees is paramount. By storing all the necessary documentation, this collaborative platform gives access to the right information quickly and easily.

Create a rich knowledge base in your Microsoft 365 environment and bring your documents to life. Add new pages in 2 clicks thanks to the site factory and allow each employee to enrich the content with their own knowledge.

Make all knowledge accessible

80% of knowledge in a company is tacit or implicit. By creating an EDM, you offer your teams the possibility of crystalizing their know-how and circulating it in a few clicks.

Thanks to simplified tag management (metadata) and advanced search, this knowledge will be easily accessible to the whole company and can be enriched.

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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Features for creating your knowledge manager

Make your intranet a single access point to all your tools and software.

Insert a custom Yammer comment stream in the footer and in place of the native comments.

Make templates available to allow contributors to create a document in a few clicks.

Provide access to all your resources related to business teams activities

Drive your channels with multi-source feeds and audience.

Simplify the life of your contributors with extraordinary simplicity and speed of publication

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