HR Intranet

Create a communication portal to meet the needs of Human Resources.

The benefits of Mozzaik365

Communicate on your actions

  • Highlight your major projects in news
  • Invite teams to your events

Boost internal communication

  • Facilitate onboarding
  • Encourage internal mobility
  • Set up in-house expert research

Share HR documents

  • Centralize and organize your documentation
  • Make it easy to update files

Create a strong corporate culture

Cultivate your company's values through an interactive space dedicated to human resources. Convey company culture and HR information. With Mozzaik365, provide key information, resources, applications, and access to all HR-related resources so your employees can understand, stay proactive, and participate.

88% of young employees want to share the same values as their company (Link Humans study). And when you know that branding can reduce the cost of recruitment by up to 43%, the HR intranet is a must-have.

The HR intranet is the ideal medium for :

Communicating on HR news: announce highlights, calling for applications when a new position opens, reminding your teams of deadlines. You can also simplify access to HR tools and contacts by offering shortcuts to reference documents, HR applications, etc.

On the recruitment and talent management side, it is possible to promote internal job offers, announce new arrivals and transfers.

Giving priority to interactivity: you can interact with employees by answering their questions with an FAQ, practical sheets and the person to contact in case of questions. You can also collect their opinions by surveying your teams with questionnaires.

Finally, the HR intranet will allow you to introduce the members of the HR team and clearly identify the subjects managed by each of them.

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Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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Features for creating your HR intranet

Formalize the company's structure into a clear, practical and easy to maintain directory.

Insert a custom Yammer comment stream in the footer and in place of the native comments.

Allow everyone to subscribe to the themes they like and have this content bookmarked.

Announce the arrival of new employees.

Make templates available to allow contributors to create a document in a few clicks.

View upcoming events for one or more SharePoint sites.

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