Personal Dashboard

Bring together everything that matters to your employees in a customizable dashboard.

The benefits of Mozzaik365

Access the resource

Make all company resources easily accessible from a single interface.

Personalize the spaces

Since each employee has different application and information requirements, it's important to customize the spaces for each individual.

Offer a simplified interface

Simplify access to information through a single interface.

Create a dashboard for everyone

Only 17% of employees are satisfied with the digital experience in their work environment. So providing a great digital experience for your employees is essential to their well-being.

With the Digital Workplace, you give them the opportunity to search for content, access communities and their favorite applications all in one place. In other words, the Personal Dashboard is their dashboard to all their applications or their personal productivity hub. Finding information has never been easier!

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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Personal Dashboard

Save, replicate and manage your templates to roll out your sites from a catalog

Allow everyone to subscribe to the themes they like and have this content bookmarked.

Drive your channels with multi-source feeds and audience.

Make your intranet a single access point to all your tools and software.

Simplify the life of your contributors with extraordinary simplicity and speed of publication

Formalize the company's structure into a clear, practical and easy to maintain directory.

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