Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform

Microsoft launches Viva, the platform to help businesses meet the challenges of tomorrow.

In recent years, the focus has been on supporting employees in the transition to hybrid working. Companies have demanded unprecedented resilience from their employees.

But how do we address the challenges we've seen over the past few months? How can keeping employees engaged ? How do you keep employees engaged and maintain their work-life balance? How do we ensure that we preserve their mental health when the boundary between home and business becomes blurred? How to help them find information more easily when they are remotely connected to the company? Microsoft Viva answers all these challenges.

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Viva for improving the employee experience

Viva has set itself a mission: to improve the employee experience. To do this, there are 6 key elements to improve:

  • Well-being: feeling comfortable and respected at work; Β 
  • Connection, engagement: the feeling of being trusted in a diverse community;
  • Concentration, focus: as a collaborator, I know what success will look like and what I need to prioritize my time and actions on;
  • The objective: to be able to find the information and the key contact people easily, to make the right decisions in order to succeed;
  • Development, training: to maximize strengths, acquire new skills and progress towards goals;
  • Power, purpose: the feeling of being part of something bigger than yourself and contributing to a common goal.

These human resources issues must be an integral part of the thinking around digital tools on the employee platform.

Then, how to act on these different dimensions? Last February, Microsoft announced a new approach with its employee experience platform (EXP) and a number of new features in Microsoft Teams. It is an open and extensible digital platform. It puts the employee at the centre by bringing together existing systems and tools in an integrated experience. As such, it addresses the key challenges of the employee experience: communication, access to resources and knowledge, skills and training.

Viva is the first EXP platform that enables multiple objectives to be met through a single interface in Teams and an integrated ecosystem: Β 

  • Viva Connections helps infuse a culture of engagement and communication;
  • Viva Insightshelps you find a balance between well-being and productivity;
  • Viva Topics for access to skills and information sharing with Artificial Intelligence;
  • Viva Learning to boost skills and facilitate employee training ;
  • Viva Engage to connect everyone in an organization through employee communities and conversations;
  • Viva Goals aligns teams with organizational priorities through a goal setting and management solution;
  • VIva Pulse is an employee survey tool that allows managers to collect regular feedback in a confidential manner;
  • Viva Amplify increases the impact of corporate communications by empowering communications teams and executives to develop more impactful messages;
  • Viva Sales is an application dedicated to salespeople that automatically captures data from Office 365 and Microsoft Teams into any CRM.

Today, we can see that employee well-being is back in the spotlight. In this context, the potential of Microsoft 365 is tapped into to provide relevant and exploitable insights. Β 

In addition, security and confidentiality are essential in Viva. The platform promises anonymization of sensitive data, especially around work behaviour data.

Viva is enriched by the entire partner ecosystem: for example, HCM (Human Capital Management) or LMS (Learning Management System) for training content. Viva therefore responds to a platform approach and advocates a seamless employee experience at any time of the working day.


Improving employee experience with Microsoft Viva

Details of the different Viva modules

Viva Connections :

60% of employees say that they feel less committed to their company by switching to teleworking. How do you manage to stay connected despite working remotely? That's what Viva Connections is all about: it's a portal to company information, but also a way for employees to interact. Β 

With the arrival of Viva Connections, Microsoft has materialized its strategy of de-siloing its application base by integrating SharePoint into Teams. The aim? To communicate, share information and collaborate from a single entry point: Teams. You will therefore be able to create your SharePoint intranet pages directly from Teams. In addition, two new functionalities have been added: the "Feed" and "Dashboard" web parts.


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These two new features, available in SharePoint but specifically developed for use in Teams, use Microsoft's new technology: Adaptives Cards. Cards created for mobile use that allow communication or tasks to be transmitted quickly and, above all, easily consumed in a mobile experience. Here we can see Microsoft's desire to respond to an important issue: communication to the field or Deskless populations. Behind this, the same technology: SharePoint. Centralizing all these uses in Teams is above all a great opportunity to offer a seamless digital work experience for employees while benefiting from a secure and familiar environment.

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Viva Insights :

60% of employees report higher levels of stress and pressure since switching to hybrid working and also report poorer balance. How can employee well-being be improved? Insights seeks to provide visibility into work habits and their impact on productivity and well-being. It offers personalized recommendations on 3 levels: Β 

  • At the employee level: recommendations for organizing breaks in your schedule, planning time for personal work or connecting with colleagues;
  • At the managerial level: personalized recommendations based on anonymized data that aim to promote the well-being of teams;
  • At the managerial level: suggest new organizational models to ensure a balance between performance and well-being.
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Viva Topics :

We spend an average of 1 hour a day searching for information. Viva Topics can be considered as a corporate Wikipedia coupled with the power of AI. It allows content to be displayed in the form of a map around a topic and a thematic sheet directly integrated into SharePoint. The platform therefore allows experts to cultivate and share knowledge with ease through Outlook, Office, Teams or within Microsoft 365 user profiles. These Topics can contain different information about projects, customers, processes, etc. Each time this information is mentioned in a document or message, a link is created to the corresponding page. This page takes the form of a wiki and can be enriched.

Viva Learning:

Training is a lever for career development when you are an employee. It is also a necessity for the company, if it wants its equipment to be efficient and up to date. According to Comundi, training is a major lever for productivity because it helps attract candidates and limit turnover, in addition to helping employees grow.

Training is a differentiator and Microsoft has understood this. By launching Viva Learning, the American giant wants to integrate training into the daily lives of employees. Employees will be able to access educational content more easily and discover programs that are useful for their career development. Β 

This learning hub is extremely rich, integrating training from dozens of partners such as Linkedin Learning, SkillSoft, Coursera, to name but a few. Viva Learnings' Artificial Intelligence then leverages these materials to create the best training path for each employee.

Viva Engage:

The goal of Viva Engage? To be able to build authentic relationships at work and offer employees a place to communicate, express themselves and find their belonging.

The features of Viva Engage are:

  • Advertisements
  • The conversations
  • The stories and storylines
  • Virtual events
  • Questions and answers
  • The headings
  • Analytical

Viva Goals:

A solution for defining goals and managing objectives and key results to align teams with the organization's priority strategies in order to boost results and grow the business. Viva Goals completes this value around OKRs(Objectives and Key Results) to contribute to the project management part.

Viva Amplify:

Centralized resources, integrated writing tips, and results dashboards are available to improve the resonance of internal messages and boost employee motivation, whether they are working from home or the office.

Viva Pulse:

With this survey tool, managers can identify what is working well and what can be improved. In short, they can take a true inventory in a hybrid work environment.

Viva Sales:

Viva Sales eliminates the need for manual data entry, so that salespeople can focus entirely on selling.

  • Reduction of tedious tasks such as data collection and entry;
  • Productivity gains through actionable insights;
  • Closing sales with suggested follow-ups and reminders

Things to remember

πŸ“Œ Microsoft Viva's mission is to improve the employee experience;

SharePoint becomes the backend behind Teams and some Viva modules like Connections or Topics ;

πŸ“Œ Viva Connections helps infuse a culture of engagement and communication;

πŸ“Œ Viva Insights helps balance well-being and productivity;

πŸ“Œ Viva Topics for access to competence and information sharing with Artificial Intelligence ;

πŸ“Œ Viva Learnings to boost skills and facilitate employee training;

πŸ“Œ Viva Engage which serves as a connection and socialization platform for members of an organization ;

πŸ“Œ Viva Goals to create a goal-oriented culture that promotes team alignment to achieve desired outcomes;

πŸ“Œ Viva Amplify to improve internal communication;

πŸ“Œ Viva Pulse to inform managers and team leaders about their team's experience through regular and confidential feedback ;

πŸ“Œ Viva Sales to equip CRMs with an intelligent interface.




Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform

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