11 good resolutions
to implement for your Digital Workplace in 2023

Do you want to improve your Digital Workplace and make it the number one work tool for your employees? Here are 11 best practices to implement.

All the good resolutions to improve your Digital Workplace. Here is a non-exhaustive list, to be completed according to the situation!

1. Alternate Top Down and Bottom Up Communication

Situation: Top Down communication is when management communicates with employees. Conversely, Bottom Up communication consists in feeding back information from the employees to the management. While one may be more relevant than the other in some cases, the ideal is to mix the two.

Solution: Give everyone a voice, whether by interviewing employees in the news published on the intranet, by asking for feedback with polls and suggestion boxes, or by allowing comments or sharing with Yammer or the Social Networking Wall component. The goal: that your intranet is not only a place for management communication, but that it becomes a place for sharing.

2. Centralize communication, collaboration and knowledge management on a single platform

Situation: The tools available to employees are not always located in the same place. Nor do they always allow them to work in cooperation with their peers. The result: a feeling of dispersion, and a reduced performance.

Solution: Try to offer tools that promote collaboration and encourage people to work together, such as the Who's Who (which allows a collaborator to find an internal expert to help with a task or mission), the co-editing of documents, or the provision of documentation.

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3. Set up a circle of contributors to feed the intranet

Situation : The intranet can quickly become a frozen place, where information is simply crossed. In order for the employees to take hold of it, it is important to ensure regular action.

Solution: The ideal way is to do this work with several people, by recruiting "contributors" among the employees. They will then be able to produce content together, animate the platform and moderate the comments. Remember to define an editorial line beforehand, to avoid any dispersion or lack of relevance.

4. Define an overall strategy for your Digital Workplace

Situation: An intranet must be alive. Without a strategy, the intranet could be undynamic, and can even be abandoned by the employees.

Solution: Choose specific goals (in terms of audience, number of shares, number of views, etc.) and set milestones to reach them. It is also important to set up KPIs to measure each of these objectives over time. Another measure to put in place is the appointment of people to ensure the proper functioning of the Digital Workplace, to whom it will be possible to turn in case of problems.

5. Update and evolve the Digital Workplace

Situation: To be attractive, a Digital Workplace must be regularly updated. It has to evolve over time, especially according to user feedback.

Solution: Assign responsibility for the intranet to one or more specific people. Another solution: create a steering committee that will be responsible for analyzing and redesigning the intranet on a regular basis. To facilitate the work of this steering committee, it is important to survey the users on what they expect and on the suggestions they have to make. In general, think about choosing a tool that is easy to maintain and to develop.

11 resolutions for your Digital Workplace

6. Doing Change Management to create adoption

Situation: It is not enough to implement a Digital Workplace for it to be massively adopted. As with any implementation of a new tool, Change Management techniques must be used.

Solution: Create a true Change Management strategy. Communicate widely about the new tool, its use and its benefits. Also train managers to promote it to their teams.

7. Promote the Digital Workplace

Situation: This measure is part of a Change Management strategy. The objective is to convince employees of the usefulness of the Digital Workplace in their daily lives, and to get them to see it as an essential tool.

Solution: Organize demonstrations and/or training sessions for employees. With concrete examples, they can discover the benefits of the Digital Workplace. Don't neglect other means of communication: email campaigns, posters, flyer distribution...

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8. Connect the Digital Workplace to your entire IS (information system)

Situation: Some intranets are completely disconnected from the rest of the Digital Workplace. The risk: discouraging employees from logging in, because it is more time-consuming and wastes time.

Solution: Make your intranet a seamless tool with the rest of the Digital Workplace.This means choosing an intranet that integrates with the tools already in place, and/or making links between existing tools. The objective: avoid the silo effect, which can be off-putting.

9. Use UX-UI to drive platform adoption

Situation: The UX, for User eXperienc, , refers to the process that takes into account the needs and expectations of an Internet user throughout their navigation. The UI, for User Interface, refers to the graphical environment of a website or an application. Improving the UX and the UI has many advantages for Internet users: more intuitive navigation, optimized user experience, more attractive site....  

Solution : Analyze page performance to better understand what makes a page get a lot of visits. Don't hesitate to call on a UX-UI designer to improve the user experience, taking into account user feedback. Don't forget that the UX-UI contributes to increase the quality of your interface and thus maximize user satisfaction. But also to make them want to come back!

10. Think about field teams and those who do not have a computer as part of their job

Situation: In a company, not all teams necessarily have a computer. Or they do not have frequent access to it. It is therefore important to adapt to the particularities of each one.

Solution: Develop sites and content that are easy to consult on a phone and/or while traveling. The UX-UI is an excellent tool for this.

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Digital Workplace : resolutions

11. Thinking about cybersecurity

Situation: Cyberattacks are becoming more and more frequent since the widespread use of telecommuting, and employees are not always trained in computer security.

Solution: Choose a reliable solution that does not host your company's data. Also consider training your employees in good cybersecurity practices.

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It is always possible (and desirable) to improve your Digital Workplace, both in terms of content and form. This new year 2023 is an excellent opportunity to take stock and to look at possible improvements. Don't hesitate to find inspiration among our selection of good resolutions!

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11 good resolutions for your digital workplace

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