10 mistakes to avoid
in your Digital Workplace in 2023

A digital workspace is a great tool that allows your company or organization to improve its internal communication, to facilitate collaboration between its employees or to better manage the knowledge related to its activity.

However, to take full advantage of your intranet platform, it is preferable to avoid certain faux pas... Are you interested? In this article, Mozzaik365 reveals 10 mistakes not to make to take advantage of all the assets of your Digital Workplace in 2023.

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# 1 Focusing on top-down communication only

The intranet is a device that allows three types of communication:

  • Top-down, from the head of the company or the HR department to the employees, for example;
  • Ascending, from the teams to the supervisors.

By using your Digital Workplace only to trickle information from the top of your structure to the bottom, you are missing an opportunity to engage your employees by involving them in your internal communication.

In addition, you risk creating a sort of frustration in them, linked to the fact that they do not feel listened to and recognized.

Several solutions can allow you to give a voice to your organization's employees and boost the use of your intranet portal. In particular, you can:

  • Produce video interviews that will be broadcast on your internal website and will showcase your talents;
  • Organize surveys or set up virtual suggestion boxes to collect feedback from your teams;
  • Use an enterprise social network like Yammer or a social media aggregator like the Social the Networking Wall component of Mozzaik365 to encourage employees to interact with each other by sharing, commenting and reacting to posts.
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# 2 Using your intranet for internal communication only

The intranets of 2023 have become true Digital Workplaces, as many tools for internal communication as platforms for collaboration and knowledge sharing .

By using your company website only to communicate, you are depriving yourself of precious levers that could help you optimize the productivity of your teams, improve the work atmosphere within your structure and accelerate the development of your employees' skills.

Instead of limiting yourself to (essential) features such as the "News Wall", therefore, think about :

  • Integrate collaborative work applications, such as Teams, into your intranet;
  • Equip your Digital Workplace with an employee directory component that allows each employee to find an internal expert to answer their questions;
  • Or, set up a knowledge management Wiki to create a database of the knowledge acquired by your teams over time.

# 3 Not recruiting a circle of contributors

Providing an intranet with relevant and useful content is a time-consuming mission.

If this task is the sole responsibility of your communications department, your general management or your human resources department, your Digital Workplace risks becoming impoverished and, ultimately, less attractive.

The solution? Recruit a network of contributors chosen among the employees. This network will be responsible for :

- Produce content for your internal site (blog posts, infographics, wiki sheets, etc.);

- Animate the platform through publications;

- Ensure moderation on your internal social network.

The result is more engaged employees and a more vibrant intranet!

10 mistakes to avoid for a Digital Workplace

# 4 Moving forward without a comprehensive strategy or charter

Not having a strategy for the evolution of your intranet or a code of conduct for the different behaviors that users should adopt can cause your project to falter.

And for good reason: if you don't track how your platform is used, your employees may gradually lose interest without you noticing.

Moreover, without a code of conduct or a cybersecurity charter, your intranet can become cacophonous, and even represent a risk for your structure.

To avoid your Digital Workplace floundering to and exploit it to its full potential, make sure you :

  • Determine goals throughout the life of the device and set KPIs that will allow you to measure the achievement of these milestones;
  • Appoint people to ensure that your charter is applied and set up steering committees to resolve problematic situations.
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# 5 Forgetting to update your Digital Workplace

An intranet is a tool that must evolve and be constantly updated in order to adapt to the needs of the users and to propose updated contents, useful for them.

For example, what would be the point of a Who's Who that has not been updated for months and does not give access to the contacts and skills of new employees?

To protect your Digital Workplace against obsolescence and preserve its usefulness:

  • Designate a person to update it over time;
  • Appoint a steering committee to regularly review and revise the situation;
  • Survey your employees frequently to identify areas for improvement;
  • Choose a solution that is easy to maintain and upgrade, like Mozzaik365.

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# 6 Skipping over change management

The adoption of a new technology, destined to occupy an important place in the employees' workday, can generate fears, reluctance, frustration and misunderstanding among them.

To ensure that your Digital Workplace becomes a part of your employees' habits, it is therefore necessary to be proactive and to design a real change management strategy.

In brief:

  • Communicate widely about your new tool, its benefits for each category of employee and how to use it;
  • Train your managers in order to make them ambassadors likely to promote your intranet to their teams and to explain to them how it works.
Digital Workpalce : 10 mistakes to avoid

# 7 Isolating your intranet from the rest of your IT environment

An intranet that is isolated from the other tools that make up the IT environment in which employees evolve is doomed to disappear. If it does not fit into the user experience and is not easily accessible for employees, it receives little traffic and is little used.

If you don't want your intranet portal to take a back seat, you need a genuine Digital Workplace, that is, a unified digital workspace that integrates your various software programs, creates links between them and offers seamless navigation.

# 8 Underestimating the importance of UX and UI Design

On the Internet, sites with a convoluted operation, an incomprehensible tree structure or an infinite loading time drive away visitors.

Well, on an intranet, the situation is quite identical! An unattractive and not very ergonomic platform, on which it is difficult to navigate, will be abandoned by the employees.

To make your employees want to use your Digital Workplace it is therefore necessary to take care of the user experience (UX) and more particularly the design of the user interface (UI).

In this perspective:

  • Analyze the performance of the different pages of your intranet, note what makes one-page get more visits, and optimize the others based on these observations;
  • Don't hesitate to call on a UX-UI Designer to improve the user experience on your platform;
  • Choose a solution that offers a modern and intuitive interface, like Mozzaik365.

# 9 Leaving your field teams on the sidelines

The intranet is a tool for internal communication and collaboration that improves productivity, facilitates teamwork and strengthens cohesion between employees, whether they work at headquarters, on the road or in the field.

However, for it to fully fulfill its role, your Digital Workplace must of course be accessible to all your employees, not just those who have an office with a personal computer available at all times.

To include all stakeholders in the device, just make sure your interface and content can be opened on tablet and phone. That way, your field teams will be able to enjoy it too!

# 10 Neglecting Cybersecurity

Data theft, ransomware, phishing, fraud, scams, etc. In recent years, the number of computer attacks on organizations has exploded.

According to a study conducted by the Splunk platform, in 2022, 57% of French companies said they had faced an increase in cyberattacks and 38% admitted having lost confidential data .

In this context, it is essential to secure your Digital Workplace:

  • On the one hand, by choosing a reliable solution, which does not host your data, like Mozzaik365 ;
  • On the other hand, by training your employees in good cybersecurity practices, in order to protect yourself against human errors, which are often the cause of security breaches .

10 mistakes not to make in your Digital Workplace in 2023: the final word

You now know the 10 mistakes to avoid taking full advantage of your Digital Workplace in 2023 and beyond.

What is important? Exploit your intranet to its full potential, involve your employees in the life of the system, establish a strategy to encourage adoption and use over the long term and, above all, choose an integrated, ergonomic, scalable and secure solution.

Are you still looking for the Digital Workplace that you need? Call on Mozzaik365!



10 mistakes to avoid in your Digital Workplace

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