5 steps to set up
your Digital Workplace

The current working conditions combining teleworking and on-site work are pushing companies to implement efficient digital tools. Improving the digital experience is a key concern. The aim is to foster collaboration, simplify knowledge management and improve communication.  

And guess what?  

The modern intranet makes it possible to meet these objectives. So setting up a Digital Workplace is a dream for many, but it is not always clear where to start. Whether the project is initiated by the Communication, Human Resources or Information Systems team, the plan to follow remains the same. How do you structure your Digital Workplace? And what are the integration steps? Discover our 5-step method for successfully implementing your Digital Workplace.

Set up your Digital Workplace

1. Involve the relevant professions and get support

First of all, define which team will carry out the project. This is the first crucial step in structuring your plan. Depending on the situation, the project may be carried out by different departments in the company: Communication, Information Systems, Knowledge Management or Human Resources.  

The project team is primarily a facilitator. It will work with all relevant departments, management, end users, and an integrator to make the project a success.  

Your integrator will play a key role in the successful deployment of a Digital Workplace. They are able to understand the needs of each department and turn them into functionality. In addition, they know your infrastructure and software inside out and will save you time on the technical aspects.

2. Define the user needs

The second step is to collect the user's needs. You should ask yourself the right questions about the structure of your project. This will allow you to clearly define your expectations and describe the project's main objective. Are you going to modernize working methods or promote internal communication? Our specifications can help you in this process.

The Digital Workplace will be used by your employees. It is therefore essential to define their needs in advance in order to determine the functionalities to be integrated. Do not hesitate to invite future users to design workshops. Your employees are a mine of information that is extremely valuable for building this customized environment.  

This is not an easy task!

Reconciling the expectations of different departments can be a complicated task.  

Several methods can be used to design this project. The Design Thinking method lends itself very well to this. Indeed, it is based on the user's needs to develop innovative solutions and solve a problem. Thus, by focusing on collaborative innovation and co-design, you will be able to answer the questions of use and the needs of the different collaborators in a quick and efficient way.

After completing this step, you will be able to define:  

  • The need;
  • The project's objectives;
  • Targets;
  • The structure of the intranet (all the sections which should be present) ;
  • Functional requirements.

Then it's time to make your plan.

5 steps to Digitalize your company

3. Draw up a plan

According to McKinsey, 70% of change management projects fail.  

The reason? The resistance of the collaborators.  

To avoid failure, the key word is: communicate. Indeed, talking about the project encourages its adoption! From the very beginning of the project, you can:  

  • Make sense of it;
  • Provide visibility about its evolution;
  • Explain the strategic choices;
  • Support the benefits it will bring.

Transparent and reassuring communication cannot be achieved without a clear vision. So be clear about your chosen strategy, from design to adoption of the Digital Workplace.  

Here are a few points we suggest you consider before taking the plunge:

  • The working method: Agile method or V-model?
  • Governance: Who are the stakeholders? When and how do they meet?
  • Planning: What are your milestones?
  • Training: Who will need to be trained and who will be in charge of the training? What materials will be made available to trainers?
  • Monitoring: Who will be responsible for keeping the service up to date and fixing bugs?  

Turn your intranet into a Digital Workplace

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4. Supporting change

55% of employees say they are not involved enough in decisions about change that affect them. And 61% expect more support in change projects. (Source: Cairn)

You can do better!

As you can see, change management plays a major role in the adoption of a Digital Workplace. Be proactive and plan your change management strategy. Accompanying your employees in this migration will maximize the use of your platform and your ROI at the same time. You won't regret it.  

We have several methods to suggest. For example, you can:  

  • Integrate the presentation of the software in a team meeting;
  • Make documentation available to employees;
  • Offer training to those who need it;
  • Designate points of contact to get in touch with in case of questions.

5. Ensuring long-term security and governance

That's it! Your Digital Workplace has been deployed and adopted by your teams!  


We suggest one final step, this time for the long term.

The increase in cyberattacks calls for vigilance. By choosing a solution that is integrated into your working environment (Microsoft or Google), you reduce the risk of attacks, because you always have the latest security systems.  

The Digital Workplace encourages contribution and can introduce risks of hacking. It is by defining the governance rules that you will guarantee the security of your platform. Defining precise rules makes it possible to determine whether an action is compliant and undermines security or not. It is therefore a question of finding the right balance between control and flexibility, since a restricted experience has a negative impact on adoption.

This advantage is retained by adding Mozzaik365 to Microsoft. Your data will be stored on your Microsoft cloud environment, which means a high level of data security reliability.  

Now you know how to set up your Digital Workplace in 5 steps! Here's what you need to remember:  

Things to remember

📌 Commence by choosing the project team and involving the stakeholders, not forgetting your integrator;

📌 Investigate the needs of future users;

📌 Plan your deployment;

📌 Communicate about your actions to maximize adoption;

📌 Ensure the security of your data.

If you want to start planning your Digital Workplace, you can download our ready-to-customize specifications.



5 Steps to set up your Digital Workplace

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